Japankuru Funding Xmas Campaign! Chance to get tickets to the famous Robot Restaurant!!

Tokyo Entertainment Xmas campaign 2018.12.01
A new Japankuru Funding campaign!
Hey everyone! Since the success of our previous campaign- our Half-Birthday Campaign for Japankuru Funding back in August, we wanted to run another campaign for Christmas/New Year! 
We're super excited to announce that this time, we're running the campaign in association with the Robot Restaurant based in Shinjuku! 

About the campaign!- How to participate!🎅

There are a few ways to participate in this campaign!!

・3 pairs of tickets are going to be given to three randomly picked people who have signed up to to Japankuru Funding before the campaign deadline on the 31st December 2018!

・2 pairs of tickets will be given to two people that have backed a project up until 31st December 2018!

About the tickets

Tickets are for two people! 👫
There also is no limit to when the tickets can be used! 🎟️

Selection Process

‐ In order to create a fair contest , the people that win will not have their personal information or name publicly announced.
– The restaurant vouchers will be sent from JAPANKURU FUNDING by post.
– We will contact you via email during January 2019 if you have been selected.
– Limited to one per person!

Check out the amazing Robot Restaurant!

  • Be dazzled by the bright and colourful lights and performers! 
  • Check out all the massive robots and fantastic costumes at this unique place! 

⏰Length of the show: 90 minutes
Business hours: 4:00pm to 11:00pm
Open all days of the year unless otherwise stated! Go check it out and have an unforgettable experience!

⭐Signing up is super simple!⭐

  • 1. Go to en.japankurufunding.com and click the sign up button! (Or you can go straight to the sign up page here)
  • 2. Fill in the sign up details! Try not to make a mistake with your email address as this is where emails if you've backed projects go to and make sure to make a note of the password! 
  • 3. Just put your email and password in to the login details area.
  • 4. You're done! You're now set to go check out projects and back them! 

So for your chance to win, sign up ⇒here⇐and back the projects that we have on Japankuru Funding! 
Good Luck!!!

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