Katsurahama Aquarium Has Cute Animals... and Even Cuter Zookeepers!?

Shikoku / chugoku Entertainment Aquarium 2020.04.18
As we stay home, social distance, and vicariously enjoy zoos and aquariums through Twitter feeds, one unusual animal caught our eye...
The coronavirus outbreak has yet to calm, parts of Japan are still in a state of emergency, and facilities all over the country are closed down in an attempt to prevent spreading infection. But, despite the lack of visitors, facilities like zoos and aquariums can't just shut down. The animals still need daily care! So places like the Katsurahama Aquarium in Kochi Prefecture are taking advantage of the time to give the animals a little ~vacation~, with extra attention every day - and you'd better believe they're keeping the internet updated on the goings-on via Twitter!

Katsurahama Aquarium in particular has been updating their official Twitter daily, giving their followers a little insight into how the aquarium's doing, while also sharing animals so adorable they soothe the soul.
According to the accompanying tweet, these capybaras are maybe a little sad at the lack of visitors, saying "No one's coming..."
Clearly, this river otter needs no explanation. The fluffy sleeping face speaks for itself.
While the caption for this photo tells us of a "magical language understood only these two can understand," the comments and retweets were a little different in theme. This, it seems, was just one of quite a few tweets that got followers a bit excited.
Netizens took it upon themself to declare en masse: "I want to be that penguin."
Appropriate appreciation was also shown to the photographers who took snapshots like this one, showing this popular keeper (apparently a Mr. "Fuji") at work.
​Wait a second, wasn't the aquarium trying to share adorable pictures of their animals? Well, we can't deny that humans are animals too. Perhaps that's reason enough to share these glamor shots of Fuji cleaning an animal enclosure. Clearly the aquarium knows what its followers want! And that is both adorable animals, and adorable Fuji.


While they might be out of reach right now, the aquarium won't be closed forever! If you, too, would like to spend some time with these penguins and seals... and maybe their keeper... during your next trip to Japan, head over to Katsurahama Aquarium and give them a visit.
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