Kashiwa Sato Exhibition (佐藤可士和展) (Tokyo) Feb 03, 2021 - May 10, 2021

Kashiwa Sato has worked as a creative director devising visual identities for everything from corporate clients to kindergartens, museums, fashion brands, and entertainment icons. You might not have heard the name before, but if you've spent time in Japan, you've almsot certainly seen some of Kashiwa Sato's work! This exhibition collects pieces from throughout his career, and looks at his design projects as not just branding, but art.

Event Name Kashiwa Sato Exhibition (佐藤可士和展) (Tokyo)
Dates Feb 03, 2021 - May 10, 2021
closed Tuesdays
Address Special Exhibition Gallery 1E, 7-22-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Venue Name The National Art Center, Tokyo
Website https://kashiwasato2020.com/en
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