Fruits Basket Pop-Up Cafe (Tokyo) Apr 01, 2021 - May 09, 2021

Can't get enough of Tohru-kun and her adventures with the Soma family? Whether you've been a long-time fan of the manga, or more recently introduced to the Fruits Basket anime remake, this cafe is for you. For just over a month, you can head to the Cheer Fancle Cafe for food and drinks themed around the main characters, the zodiac animals they turn into, and some of the major themes of the series. Like any themed cafe, there will of course be some fun limited-edition merchandise to take home, too.

Event Name Fruits Basket Pop-Up Cafe (Tokyo)
Dates Apr 01, 2021 - May 09, 2021
Reservations Required
Address Awajicho Bildg B1F, 1-4-1 Kanda Awajicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Venue Name Cheer Fancle Cafe
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