Penguin's Kan-U Collection at Kyoto Aquarium May 15, 2021 - Jul 31, 2021



Let's face it: molting is rough. Every year as the weather changes, the gaggle of cape penguins living at Kyoto Aquarium begin to lose their feathers in a messy, sloppy process that just looks plain old ridiculous. And the aquarium wants to celebrate that.


"Kan'u" (換羽) means molting, and this event (the "Penguin's Kan-U Collection") is a time to appreciate the many different ways that process plays out across the 59 penguins at the Kyoto Aquarium. From old feathers becoming a lion's mane-like ruff around the neck, to elegant shed-feather ponchos, molting looks a little different for everyone, so check out the fashion show between mid-May and the end of July―prime molting season.

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Contact Info 075-354-3130
Hours 10:00 - 18:00
Admission Fee Adults 2,200 yen | High School Students 1,700 yen | Middle/Elementary School Students 1,100 yen | Children 700 yen
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