Sacred Treasures from Ancient Nara: The Eleven-Headed Kannon of Shorinji Temple (Tokyo) Jun 22, 2021 - Sep 12, 2021

特別展「国宝 聖林寺十一面観音 ― 三輪山信仰のみほとけ」


Omiwa Shrine and Daigorinji Temple share grounds in the city of Sakurai, Nara Prefecture, and before the Japanese government of the Meiji era decreed the separation of Buddhism and Shinto, visitors to Daigorinji Temple would offer prayers to the renowned Tenpyo-era Ekadasamukha sculpture, and those at Omiwa Shrine would focus their worship on Mount Miwa. The sculpture has since been moved to another nearby temple, but this exhibition brings together 30 or so items including both Buddhist sculptures from Daigorinji Temple, and artifacts from Omiwa Shrine.

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