Low Cost Women's International Share House in Tokyo ✪ KABOCHA NO BASHA

Cheap, Clean, Safe, and Great Location!

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Tokyo Women's Sharehouse 💝 KABOCHA NO BASHA
There are women all over who are in the process of coming to Tokyo for reasons such as for work and to study abroad! Even in your home country, finding a place to live is rough, so adding all that stress to a foreign country. Before coming to Japan many people don't know how strict and difficult it is to find an apartment in Japan if you're a foreigner. Having experienced such hardships, we at JAPANKURU want to help make things easier for you! 
That's why we're going to tell you about an all women's share house "KABOCHA NO BASHA".

Four Main Things to Know about KABOCHA NO BASHA
🏨 NO deposit, recompense, or agency fees!!! ALL YOU PAY IS THE RENT!!!! (this is our favorite point!)
🛏 #1 Japanese Sharehouse Company, also the biggest with about 700 houses in eastern Japan
🏨 Super clean and safe - the sharehouses are new buildings and a FREE cleaning service is included!
🛏 All buildings are equipped with a complete security system
Share House in the Cool Area of Koenji!
Koenji VIII
The share house looks a lot like your average 2 floor Japanese apartment. As mentioned earlier, unlike other most share houses in Japan that are just old refurbished buildings, this share house has new and was build less than three years ago! So you can assure yourself you will be more than safe during an earthquake.
The rooms come with a TV, AC/HEATER, fridge, and bed frame. It might not sound like much, but these are all things you normally have to go out and buy on your own when you move into an apartment in Tokyo. Of course, having your from come furnished doesn't cost extra! *It's important to mention that only a bed frame is available. However if you would like, you can request them to get you a mattress for an added price (roughly $100).    
  • There is a kitchen on the first and second floors. They already come with an electric stove and cooking utensils, so all you need to worry about are the ingredients!
  • Along with a stove, other smaller appliances such as a microwave oven, rice cooker, (electric) hot water pot, and vacuum cleaner! There really isn't anything you need to worry about, they have it all prepared for you!
  • Each floor has two private showers that a cleaning lady comes to clean at least twice a week. 
  • The washer is free to use, which is nothing from the norm, but what got us was that the dry is also free!!! NEVER have we seen or heard of a place that doesn't charge you to use the dryer. Most places, if they even have a dryer, you are charged quite a bit for just a few minutes. 
  • Free Wi-Fi is becoming available at share houses, but still not all of them have it. If they do, it's normally an added charge. Not here though~ There is also a white board where you can leave/receive messages about upcoming events or whatever. 
  • Each room is a little different in the sense of the furniture layout and wallpaper.
  • It really surprised us that all of this didn't come at an extra cost. 
  • *Starecase connecting the 1st and 2nd floors.

Koenji is one of our favorite places to hang out! So we were pleased to learn how close the share house is to all the cool stuff of Koenji!! Koenji VII is about a 10 minutes walk from JR Koenji Koen Station, and along the way is some really neat shops and places to eat. Another great point is its super close to the main city center of Tokyo. One just one train you can go to Shinjuku, or towards Mitaka's famous Ghibli Museum!! Living on the Chuo/Sobu Line is the most convenient thing ever!
The share house is at a really popular and fun part of Tokyo, but just walk a few minutes and the area is nice and peaceful!