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Get into the Puuurrfect Halloween Mood with KATE's Halloween Makeup Look
🎃Easy Halloween Makeup with KATE🎃
  • Style 1 (LEFT) - Cute Cat Makeup 💀 Style 2 (RIGHT) - Captivating Witch
STEP 1: Foundation/Base

For the base foundation, the cat and witch looks are the same so we'll explain it together as one!
First thing you do use the base and foundation to create skin tone covering any imperfections.

Prep the skin using KATE's Secret Skin CC Base Zero/EX-2 lighting color base. The lighting helps reduce any redness of the skin leaving an even skin tone to work with. For the foundation, we used Secret Skin Maker Zero (liquid). It's a pretty high coverage foundation, but doesn't leave a thick coating feeling! It leaves a very light sense on the skin.
STEP 2: Eyebrows
  •  Firstly, using the eyebrow powder DESIGNING EYEBROW N 3D/EX-4, outline and fill in your eyebrows for the desired shape. 
  • Then with the 3D EYEBROW COLOR/BR-2 color in and highlight your brows with the natural brown color. To achieve a natural lift, using the spoolie, sweep the desired amount through your eyebrows in an upward motion. This grooming technique will showcase your arches and really work to best frame your eyes! 
STEP 3: Eyeshadow
  • Get the Captivating Witch (left) and Cute Cat (right) look with KATE's new BROWN SHADE EYES N
    Get the Captivating Witch (left) and Cute Cat (right) look with KATE's new BROWN SHADE EYES N
    For your the makeup, we used KATE's newest item, BROWN SHADE EYES N/BR-6 and BR-3 that allows 2 different styles and charms. The colors may be different, but the application process is the same. So we're going to explain them together as one.
  • Step 1: Graduation in A, B, and C Order

    Coat eyelid in A, B, C order and deepen it with a smoky graduation effect. 

    ⁂Explained with color BR-6 palate used for witch makeup
  • Step 2: Apply Color E above the Inner Corner Eye, Then Finish with Color D

    Then add shadow (color E) to the little pocket above the inner corner eye (along the brow bone). Finally add shininess to the eye lid with D color!
STEP 4: Eyeliner & Mascara 

STYLE 1 - Cat Makeup
The most important parts of the cat makeup are the whiskers and nose!
Let's draw some cute lines using KATE's Super Sharp Liner EX/BK-1.
  • First you draw a thin line along your existing upper lash line. Then as you get towards the outer v (outer corner of your eye), swoop up making a lil tail flick.
  • The next part is very important to the look! Draw on 3 whiskers on each side, then color the tip of your nose making the cat's nose.
STYLE 2 - Witch Makeup
For the witch makeup, turn your eyeliner into a spider web!
Rather than drawing one on both eyes, you get a bigger effect if you just draw one on one eye.
  • First thing you do is draw a thin line going upwards close to the lower lash line.
  • Starting from the outer v of your eye, draw 3 lines going diagonally up, out, and down. Then connect those three lines with swooped lines making a web.
  • For both styles, when you're done with your eyeliner apply a good amount of mascara to top off your eyes!
STEP 5: Cheeks

With the brush opened, you're going to start with the shiny color as a base. Then apply highlighter to draw oblique shine from the temple towards the center of the face (going down towards the face). 
・Hold both sides of the brush and bring them together to be shut closed. With the brush closed, move the B color (blush) in the opposite direction you did with the highlighter. Starting at your apples or wherever works best for your face shape, move up towards your hairline. 
  • To pull off the alluring and cool face of a witch, it's important to emphasize your facial bone structure, not the cheeks, with shading and highlighting. A convenient item that contains what you need for a perfect contour is KATE's Slim Create Powder N/EX-2.


  • Next, take the highlighter on the brush, and use it to highlight the T zone, the under eye area, and the middle of the chin~~ then you're finished! Your 3D sculpted face is complete!
STEP 6: Lips
STYLE 1: Cat Makeup
  • We used two different things for the cat makeup lip. First, a tinted lip cream stick is applied to the entire lip. The limited color item (SATAN PINK - BK) used this time look like black lip balm, but when applied your lips changes to pink!
  • We then applied the CC Lip Oil ontop. 
STYLE 2: Witch Makeup
  • Using Kate's COLOR HIGH VISION ROUGE - RD-1, use it as a liner and outline your lips and adjust the lip volume.
  • After that, fill in your lips with color to get a more beautiful red lip. Rather than using glossy lipstick, you can create the perfect witch look with a matte red lipstick
  • Together with KATE, taking a trip to tell you about Japan's trends! This time commemorating the worldwide event Halloween, we focused on the trend of Halloween makeup, costumes, and Japanese Halloween culture.

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