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Tokyo Accommodation 2016.01.27
According to the trend of travelers to Tokyo recently, most people would like to walk in a clean and fashionable area. Meguro- Yutenji is one of the top-ranked areas....

Make your Stay a Great One

Tokyu Stay hotels can be found in 16 great locations in Tokoy! Today we'll be visiting: 

[Tokyu Stay Meguro- Yutenji]
2-15-7 Yutenji, Meguro, Tokyo  (Google)

3-min walk from Tokyu Toyoko Line [Yutenji]
TEL 03-5721-1109
Guest rooms: 68
Room type: Single A / Single B /Twin Room / Suite (Japanese and Western)
Check-in / Check-out time:  15: 00/11: 00



#Yutenji Station

Just a 6-minute ride from Shibuya on the Tokyu Toyoko Line, Meguro- Yutenji although a quiet residential area, it's bustling around the station with many hot spots in the neighborhood. Take a trip to Daikanyama and Jiyugaoka with many trendy cafes and boutiques, just 3-5 mins away by train. Or visit nearby Naka-Meguro for shopping!

Many inviting features

Security cards are needed to get in and out of the building proving a safe environment for residents. There are also a number of other services and features geared towards making guests stay as comfortable as possible.

More info:
  • Japanese Style Room
    Japanese Style Room
    Modern style interior, Japanese-style room. When you take a closer look to every corner of the room, 
    you will find the entire room is intelligently combined with Japanese elements, like the tatami floor, wooden sliding door and set on the ground. A Japanese-style room of 25 square-meter is prepared with bed and sheet, and can accommodate up to 4 people!
  • Livable Spaces
    Livable Spaces
    Rooms in Tokyu Stay Hotels are truly alive and feel like an apartment. You have all your essentials laid out right before you including a kitchen, washing machine and other daily necessities for a long-term stay.
  • Western Style Room
    Western Style Room
    Take a good 360-degree look at your piece of Western-style living. Notice anything? Enjoy a white wooden tone, bright and clean environment and a gorgeous clear interior. A 20 square-meter room with a 1.6m wide bed is our idea of ideal living.
  • Universal Design
    Universal Design
    The universal design of the rooms combines the colorful carpets and marble, and gives you a unique design making it not only helpful for wheelchair accessibility, but also for people with wheeled-suitcases. 
  • Mini kitchen and washer & dryer
    Mini kitchen and washer & dryer
    Clothes won't be a burden anymore for long-term guests. If you stay in a room with a washer & dryer, 
    you don't have to worry about bringing too many clothes. Also, you might decide to cook more and save money in this cute mini kitchen.
  • Bathroom

    Say goodbye to the tiny bathrooms found in most business hotels in Japan, make full use of this massive space. Now relaxing in the bathtub can be fun and the perfect way to wind down a long day..^^

  • Amenities
    Air cleaners producing negative ions to keep the air fresh. These Japanese brands all have a great reputation so you know you'll be well taken care of. And you can even enjoy a stylish Delong hot pot. 
  • # An open balcony
    # An open balcony
    Enjoy the freedom to step outside without leaving the comfort of your own room catch a few rays of sunshine and relax. Tokyu Stay provides a unique vision into stylish comfortable stays. Whether it be a couple days or even a month, you'll appreciate the fresh air.
Basic Info
NameTokyu Stay
Address2-15-7 Yutenji, Meguro, Tokyo
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