Pika-Peek Into One of the Official Pokémon Rooms at APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU

Tokyo Accommodation Kyoto 2019.12.25
Welcome to Japan, where APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU is welcoming visitors with their Pokémon rooms in five locations across Tokyo and Kyoto.


MIMARU has long been a popular hotel chain for families visiting Japan, with their apartment-style rooms perfect for kids and adults alike. Now, with their official Pokémon rooms, a brand new option has appeared! For visitors to the five Tokyo and Kyoto locations.
We were lucky enough to get an early look at one of the Pokémon rooms in MIMARU Tokyo Hatchobori, absolutely full of adorable Pokémon imagery and decorations sure to please fans of all ages, so grab some poké balls and a master ball or two, and head out into the tall grass with us!
  • As you enter the room, you can see Pikachu peeking out from the mirror in the hallway. It looks a little like he might just be squeaking out a welcoming “pika pika!”
  • Follow the giant footprints that lead you into the room!
  • And, could it be? It’s a wild Snorlax! They sure are big, huh? You won’t need a flute to catch this Snorlax in your arms, though. They’re ready for cuddling any time!
  • Look around, and while you might not find the whole pokédex, you’ll certainly find a wide variety of Pokémon on the walls and hidden in corners of the room. Look close and your eyes might just catch a rare Pokémon or two.
  • Even the clock is a pokéball!
  • Wait, is that a Pikachu taking a little nap on the bed? Yep, and you can even take a little of the Pokémon fun home with you! Bring home a greeting from Pikachu (in the form of a bright greeting card) and a couple of Pokémon hand towels, all in a little pokéball gift bag.
  • The hand towel designs differ between Tokyo and Kyoto, so you’ll have to stay over in both cities to… collect them all.
  • Since MIMARU’s apartment-style rooms include kitchen areas, even the cups and plates in the Pokémon room are pokéball-themed, perfect for sipping potions and munching on berries.
  • Surrounded by your trusty Pokémon team, you might never want to go home! So enjoy the chance to visit these rooms while it lasts.

    See more details about MIMARU’s Pokémon rooms on their official page.
    *Please note that the Pokémon room at the Kyoto Kawaramachi Gojo location is only available from the 6th of February, 2020.

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