Five Different Cases That Japanese Accommodations Are Implementing to Tackle Coronavirus

Nationwide Accommodation Coronavirus 2020.03.14
While industries are facing hard times due to the fact that many of the public are voluntarily refraining from going out. The tourism industry is definitely one of the biggest industries that are affected. Although we are not sure when all this will come to an end, some are looking at things from another angle and coming up with ideas on how to improve their sales during this hard time. We picked up a few unique examples of how accommodations are tackling this matter.
1. 【Corona Plan】 Morinosumika Resort and Spa (Ishikawa prefecture)

A Japanese resort-style spa has announced a plan called the “Corona Plan”.
This includes things like free upgrades if higher grade rooms are available at the time of booking, two hours of all you can drink Corona beer at dinner time. There’s even a game where you have the chance to win tickets to the Korona movie theatre. 
The plan is offered from 132,000 yen onwards. *Bookings are available up to three days prior and must be made by 3 pm. The hotel is walking distance from the Narita station on Keisei line and the JR line and also offers free parking making it highly accessible by car or by train.


Morinosumai Resort and Spa (Official Site)
Yamashiroonsen, Kaga, Ishikawa prefecture (map)
2. 【Establishing an e-Commerce Site】1166 Backpackers (Nagano Prefecture)
A guesthouse at Nagano prefecture called the 1166 Backpackers started an eCommerce website due to them losing ordinary customers. They sell their original towels, masking tapes, Goshuincho, a little stamp book where you can collect stamps from different shrines and temples. They aim to create a new source of income while reducing costs on other parts of their business.

eCommerce site:


1166 Backpackers (Official Site)
1048 Nishimachi, Nagano prefecture (map)
3. 【Escape Plan】Iwakiyama Pension Wonderland (Aomori Prefecture)
Iwakiyama Pension Wonderland is a cafe/hot spring,  located at the centre of Hiromae city in Aomori. They utilised this location and now offer a “Coronavirus escape plan” which is offered cheaper than ordinary plans. They also have facilities that make remote-working comfortable enough for you to escape the crowded cities to a quieter place. They also have onsen hot springs and places where you can play with snow, which makes it a family-friendly place as well. *This plan is available for guests who are staying for three nights and/or more, at 7,000 yen per adult and 6,000 yen per child. This price includes three meals a day.


Iwakiyama Pension Wonderland (Official Site)
Kuromori-12-5 Tokiwano, Hirosaki, Aomori prefecture (Map)
4. 【Banquet Hall as A Study Room】Yuzawa Royal Hotel (Akita Prefecture)
Yuzawa Royal Hotel is currently offering its banquet hall to be used as a study room offered to everyone for free. This idea was implemented due to all the cancellations they have experienced. The room is constantly ventilated and sprayed with disinfectant regularly to control the spread of any germs and diseases. They also require guests to record their body temperature before entering the room to ensure they have no fevers. Guests are allowed to bring in food and beverage into the study rooms, but they also have restaurants that offer student discounts and vending machines available on-premises.

Yuzawa Royal Hotel (Official Site)
2 Chome-2-38 Tamachi, Yuzawa, Akita prefecture (map)
5. 【Remote Worker Supporting Plan】Meet Inn Narita (Chiba Prefecture)

At Meet Inn Narita, a hotel close to Narita airport, due to the recent drop in booking rates they have come up with a “Remote worker supporting plan”. This plan is a day plan where guests can use the rooms from 9 am till 5 pm from 3,000 yen a room. There is also an overnight plan where guests can stay from 9 am till 10 am in the morning the next day from 7,000 yen.
Meet Inn Narita (Official Site)
904 Hanazakicho, Narita, Chiba (map)
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