Coronavirus News - How is Japan dealing with COVID-19? - Matsukawaya Nasukogen Hotel's Preparations

Kanto Accommodation News 2020.03.25
With Japanese coronavirus cases appearing in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and all over the world, updates on Japan's COVID-19 situation being few and far between, and Japan travel plans being canceled left and right, the JAPANKURU team wanted to find out just how businesses all over Japan were tackling the coronavirus problem, and making it through this difficult period. So we asked! Today, we're bringing you the latest news from a picturesque Japanese countryside resort in Tochigi Prefecture, normally packed with onsen hot spring bathers and vacationers, Nasu's Matsukawaya.
So, Matsukawaya, how are you doing?

Matsukawaya Nasukogen Hotel is an onsen ryokan, a traditional Japanese hotel centered around hot spring baths, just an hour from Tokyo by shinkansen, or 30 minutes from Nasushiobara Station by car. In the tranquil highlands of Nasu, the owners tell us that the springwater baths and Japanese atmosphere make it just the place to relax once coronavirus worries calm down again, and everyone starts rethinking postponed trips to Japan.

In Japan, Nasu is famous for being one of the emperor's favorite resort getaways, and beloved by the royal family. It's a breezy-cool summer destination, perfect for escaping Japan's summer heat, and a great place to enjoy the natural beauty of spring. Plus, not only is the greenery appealing, but onsen spas are dotted throughout the landscape. Within Matsukawaya, hot spring water from two different sources runs through the hotel and into spacious baths, ready for visitors to unwind in. You'll even find a taste of the seasons at this onsen ryokan, since the food they serve focuses on fresh, seasonal meats, fish, and other ingredients.

"Things are rough for everyone right now," Matsukawaya's owners said, "but we're taking every care to make arrangements and prepare, so we'll be able to welcome everyone back any time!! We've scrubbed the baths to new levels of sparkling clean, and the staff are all working at full power to develop a new dinner menu for the spring season."

To finish their message to the world they continued: "When things pick up again in May, our famous local Yahata azaleas should be blooming and beautiful. To anyone looking for true relaxation, body and soul, make your way to Japan! And when you arrive in Tochigi's Nasu area, we'll be here waiting at Matsukawaya!"
  • Matsukawaya: An onsen ryokan in Nasu, just a bit over an hour from Tokyo by shinkansen.

  • The men's outdoor bath: the outdoor space lends a unique sense of liberation to the experience, and offers a spectacular view of the surrounding nature.

  • The traditional "kaiseki" multi-course dinners, perfect for a family meal, include a choice between two different hot pot options (sukiyaki or shabu shabu).

  • Early morning dips into the onsen baths, with a view of the spectacular dawn light, might just be the perfect way to start the day.

  • "Here at Matsukawaya, the whole team is looking forward to your next visit!"

    (Take a look at our video below to see a little more of Matsukawaya Nasukogen Hotel! ⇩)

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