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Tokyo Accommodation 2017.08.28
Right in Front of the TOKYO SKYTREE

Right in Front of the TOKYO SKYTREE

To all my first time visitors to Tokyo is there any place that you're particularly excited about traveling to? Some of the most popular places have to be Shibuya and Harajuku to the west of the main part of the city. However in recent years, Ginza, Ueno,  Asakusa, and the unforgettable Tokyo Skytree have seen a surge in popularity as tourist destinations. 
For those wanting to ride the way of exploring the unique wonders of the east side of Tokyo take a gander at Richmond Hotel Premier Tokyo Oshiage located directly in front of the Tokyo Skytree!

Available lines to Oshiage Station 
- Keisei Oshiage Line
- Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line 
- Toei Asakusa Line

Buses to Disneyland are available too. 

Introduction of the Hotel

  • Just 1-min walk from Oshiage Station B3 Exit
    Just 1-min walk from Oshiage Station B3 Exit
    Perfect location where TOKYO SKYTREE and TOKYO Solamachi are right in front of the hotel. 
    There are also supermarket and Nitori (Like home center and funiture shop)
    How convenient!
  • Take a look at the picture. In the middle is Nitori and on the right is the supermarket called CENTRAL SQUARE/LIFE. 
  • Warm and comfort atmosphere and interior
    Warm and comfort atmosphere and interior
    Though it's just an hotel, and not quite a luxury hotel at that, it's still impressive with it's unique interior
    design and sensible atmosphere. 
    A large window allows sunlight to brighten up the rooms creating a perfect balance and harmony with the pastel colors that decorate the interior.
  • For foreign visitors!
    For foreign visitors!
    Communication with the staff at the front desk is hassle-free and of course they speak English!
    Using the multi-language PC screen, you and the staff can now clearly communicate verbally.
    Even if you you don't understand something, it can be clearly explained immediately! ^^
  • Automated check-in / check-out machine
    Automated check-in / check-out machine
    They now have automated check-in and checkout!  At check-in, just enter the reservation number,
    confirm some information and you'll get a card to your room, simple as that. Even if you need to check out, you can also do so without help from the staff.
  • Goodies can be got at front desk
    Goodies can be got at front desk
    After checking in and seeing your rooms you'll notice the following is provided! Bath soaps, mini shampoos, hair treatments, facial cleansers, body lotion, facial lotion, hair bands, as well as a cotton. Even an all-in-One  product Richmond Hotel boasts will secure even fragile skin.
    Cute "Jamlabel body shampoo", children slippers and toothbrushes etc ....
    Should be just about everything right?

    * The above amenities information
    - Ladies amenities
    - Kid Amenities
    (※ Jamlabel body shampoo can be individually purchased
    in the rooms.)

What kind of breakfast?

  • Right here!
    Right here!
    Next to the front desk is the American family restaurant "Sizzler"! It is also used as a breakfast room offering a fresh salad bar and variety of different foods for you to sample.
  • The relaxed atmosphere and a menu full of healthy salads  will first direct you to the salad bar and variety of drinks. Don't hold back it's an all you can eat so eat all you can!
  • Included in the breakfast ticket
    Included in the breakfast ticket
    Give the Richmond Hotel original fruit cake a try while you're at it! We hear that the Chocolate orange cake
    is actually quite delicious.

Convenient facilities

  • Laundry facilities
    Laundry facilities
    One of the major drawbacks of traveling for an extended period of time is the buildup of laundry. Luckily at the Richmond Hotel Premier Tokyo Oshiage you don't have to worry about it anymore. A public facility is provided in which you can do coin laundry and get back on with your trip.
    Towels, underwear, socks, laundry emergencies occur when you least expect it so it's nice to know that you'll be covered.
  • Vending Machine
    Vending Machine
    Note that you can only find vending machines on the 7th and the 10th floors. Other services include beverage vending machines, ice machines, microwave ovens ...
    These services have been included for those interested in longer-term stays.

Deluxe Twin room

  • Biggest room in the hotel~ Deluxe Twin
    Biggest room in the hotel~ Deluxe Twin
    Deluxe Twin sized beds in a room 54㎡ in size is actually the largest size in of Richmond Hotel. I feel a sense of openness and sense of security in this giant room... You feel it too, don't you?
    In addition, this Deluxe Twin is located at the corners of the building, offering large windows located in the corner of the room where you can see Mt. Fuji when the weather is good!
  • A bedside outlet & Wi-Fi
    A bedside outlet & Wi-Fi
    Very very very very useful bedside outlet that actually  comes with a charging connector!? Recently LAN / Wi-Fi  availability has become of too basic and something that is a given for hotels. So then the question must be asked, how do hotels step their game up? It's important to consider that people nowadays keep a cell phone with them 24/7, so a hotel who caters to this need is definitely doing something right.
  • Various useful items ...
    Various useful items ...
    Slippers in a shoe box, and two types of irons! It's safe to say that this room was created with real travelers in mind.
  • Open the storage below the LCD wide-screen TV and ... ~!
    Open the storage below the LCD wide-screen TV and ... ~!
    A mini-sophisticated looking refrigerator, and coffee drip packs, coffee cups, glasses, wine opener are just some of the other items also available ... This is just a small taste but finally getting a feel for this hotel? 
  • Beautiful bathroom landscapes
    Beautiful bathroom landscapes
    A glass door separates the shower and the bathtub and an amazing view of Tokyo's skyline. Is it just me
    or does this seem like a place you could stay at for a VERY long time? It's especially lovely at night
    when all the neon lights are lit up. ^^ 
    Depending on the room each one offers a unique view of Tokyo from the bathtub, it makes me wonder
    which one you or I'll get next time. 
  • Neat separate toilet
    Neat separate toilet
    In fact, this is one of the most desired spaces in all of the hotels in Japan. Usually bathrooms
    here don't separate the toilet from the shower/ bathtubs so it can feel a bit uncomfortable.
    If the toilet is in a separate space, it works better for say couples or families traveling
    together because they can use the shower/tub area and toilet at the same time now.

Single Room

No shortage of single rooms

Luxury rooms with Japanese designs, delicately placed here and there. Even though it's a smaller single room, we definitely didn't feel out of place.

Clear your tired eyes at this destination

More than your average hotel, truly "comfortable"  It doesn't matter if it's a short trip or long trip, all
that really matters is rest! We all seek that clean,  comfortable and relaxing space, and the Richmond
Hotel Premier Tokyo Oshiage gives you space to do just that.

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Basic Info
NameRichmond Hotel Premier Tokyo Oshiage
Address1-10-3 Oshiage, Sumida, Tokyo
StationOshiage Station B3 Exit
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