Hotel Itiraku in Tendo, Yamagata Prefecture

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Experience the harmony of modern and tradition!

Recommended Hot Spring Hotel - Hotel Itiraku

Just like the prefecture's name, there are 17 mountains in Yamagata!!  Of course it is a good place to do some hiking, you can always relax yourself in famous hot springs here too! Today, we would like to introduce Hotel Itiraku to you.

Hotel Itiraku
Address: 2-2-21 Kamatahoncho, Tendo City, Yamagata
(15 minutes walk from the Tendo City Station)
Prices from 14,900 yen to 51,650 yen
Tel.: 023-654-3311

Amazing things about Hotel Itiraku

  • 1. Close to the famous sightseeing spot Yamadera
    1. Close to the famous sightseeing spot Yamadera
    Just in 14 minutes by car, you can get to the famous Yamadera from Hotel Itiraku. Don't worry about you will get exhausted after hiking in Yamadera because you can get back to the hotel and take some rest very quickly!!
  • 2. Visited by the Celebrities
    2. Visited by the Celebrities
    On the way to the hot springs, you will pass through a corridor where you can see many celebrities autographs hanging on the sides of the wall. See if your favorite star's autograph is there!
  • 3. Surrounded by the Cherries and Sakura
    3. Surrounded by the Cherries and Sakura
    As you may know, Yamagata is famous for the cherry production. That's why you can see lots of cherry decoration here inside the hotel.

    Actually the owner of the hotel was born in April (Sakura and April always link to each other in Japan), and he likes sakura a lot too, so he wants his guests can also see the beauty of sakura in all seasons no matter when they come to visit his hotel.
  • 4. Arts in the Hotel
    4. Arts in the Hotel
    You think we are taking you to an art gallery now? Actually this is the entrance of Hotel Itiraku! The artwork are actually designed and made by the owner's relative, Mr. Matsuda who is a famous sculptor in Yamagata Prefecture. If you are interested in buying his artwork, you can talk to the hotel staff.
  • 5. Private Hot Spring in Guestrooms
    5. Private Hot Spring in Guestrooms
    If you are looking for more privacy, you can reserve rooms with private hot spring which you can enjoy a quiet and relaxing bath with your family and loved ones. Look how special the shape of the hot spring is!

Guestrooms Types

  • A. Type 1
    A. Type 1
    Traditional Japanese Style Tatami Guestroom

    Guestroom in the picture included a private hot spring. 
  • B. Type 2
    B. Type 2
    Guestrooms mixed with Japanese style and Western style with 2 beds.

Special Services For the Special Guests

  • 1. Free Japanese sake and wine service
    1. Free Japanese sake and wine service
    Free sake and wine are especially provided to guests who stay in guestrooms with outdoor hot springs!
  • 2. Free cherries service
    2. Free cherries service
    Free cherries are also provided to guests who stay in guestrooms with outdoor hot springs.

    The cherries provided are actually replaced frequently to make sure the freshness and the taste!

Souvenir Shop

Wanna buy some local souvenirs? You can go to the souvenir shop on the first floor near the lobby where you can buy snacks, handkerchief, clothes, accessories etc.

In Yamagata Prefecture, of course you can find many cherry products in the souvenir shop. For example, cherry wine, cherry soft drink, jelly with real cherries, or even the cherry aroma incense stick.

Top Left: Cherry Wine - 360ml 900 yen + tax / 720ml 1,620 + tax
Top Right: Jelly with cherries - 400 yen + tax
Bottom Left: Cherry soft drink - 231 yen + tax
Bottom Right: Cherry aroma incense stick 800 yen + tax

Luxurious Japanese Style Dinner

One of the best thing about staying at a hot spring hotel is the Japanese style dinner! As we have mentioned earlier, you will be surrounded by cherries and sakura at Hotel Itiraku. So you can find them in your meal too! Like in your appetizer, tempura udon and even your tea!

Our main dish tonight is Sukiyaki (Japanese hotpot in sweet soy sauce) with famous Yamagata beef.  You can choose from Shabushabu (traditional Japanese hotpot), Sukiyaki, and even steak.


Nice breakfast to start a new day

Not just the dinner, the breakfast at the hotel is specially made for their guests too. There are 4 types of Japanese rice prepared everyday for you to try! Healthy breakfast made of fresh ingredients. Cherry salad for breakfast!

Hot Spring Trip in Yamagata

If you are looking for a travel destination where you can find awesome local food and beautiful nature at the same time, Yamagata Prefecture is definitely a perfect place for your to visit!

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See you there! :)
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