Sweet and Cool Hot Spring Experience

Kanto Accommodation 2015.09.14
in Kowakien YUNESSUN

A Theme park of Hot Spring

Have you heard of hot spring theme park?

Here is the most interesting place in the Hakone area!

Two areas:

Wear a swimsuit to experience a variety of interesting themed Springs at "YUNESSUN AREA" and

wear no swimsuit to experience a standard open-air bath "Mori no yu AREA"  

Okay! Let see how YUNESSUN would give us surprise this time!!!

  • Green Tea & Amazake bath
    Green Tea & Amazake bath
    (Amazake : a traditional sweet, low- or non-alcohol Japanese drink made from fermented rice) It is the collaboration campaign of Amazake and Morinaga (HI-CHEW brand) On the above picture, the green tea "Nama-cha" bath next to Amazake bath, is held by KIRIN, a brand popular of its beer!!! Let's try!
  • Elegant wine bath
    Elegant wine bath
    Whether its function or color, it is a perfect combination of red wine and hot springs!!! You might know the ingredient in red wine is good for beauty! It is worth to experience this bath!
  • Rodeo Mountain
    Rodeo Mountain
    Although you might experience many water slide before, this "Rodeo Mountain" in Yunessun is over expectation! High Speed and uneven SLIDE Wow!!! Just lead us to bump into the water!!!
  • Hakone Hotel Kowakien
    Hakone Hotel Kowakien
    Across the street from Yunessun, a great view, great food, as well as elegant room in Hakone Hotel Kowakien. From traditional Japanese rooms to luxury Western-style rooms, rooms with balcony and open-air bath. No doubt it is a nice hot spring hotel in Hakone!
  • Summer yukata experience in Hakone
    Summer yukata experience in Hakone
    The theme of Hakone Kowakien is Yukata! Free to choose your favorite one!
  • Obi of Yukata
    Obi of Yukata
    The point to make your yukata style looks more beautiful is the technique to make the band at the back!
  • Feel the profession!!!
    Feel the profession!!!
    What an elegant procedure! Staffs of Yunessun learned from professionals and then help guests who visit Hakone Hotel Kowakien to dress Yukata together!
  • A Japanese restaurant <Yamabuki> on the 1F!
    A Japanese restaurant on the 1F!
    Not only the traditional Japanese food and sake but also the elegant environment, beautiful scenery and Japanese-style tatami! The left side of the lobby on the first floor Japanese restaurant Looking forward to tonight's dinner!! Open Hours Breakfast 7:30 - 9:30 Dinner 17:45 - 20:30
  • Exquisite dinner
    Exquisite dinner
    Simple ingredients But it is a luxurious and exquisite presentation No exaggeration! Just the essence of a traditional Japanese meal!
  • Bartender in Yukata  @ Lounge Azalea
    Bartender in Yukata @ Lounge Azalea
    Have you seen bartender in Yukata?? Shake it Shake it!!! Cool!!! Cute!!! Open Hours 8:30 ~ 20:00 (Final order 19:30)

How cool and sweet summer day in the Hakone Hotel Kowakien and Yunessun

Comfortable hotel room, 

delicious cuisine

elegant yukata

beautiful nature

a cool summer here!!!!



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