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Tokyo Accommodation 2017.05.09
Harmony of Tradition and Modern

Harmony of Tradition and Modern

The design of this hotel and the entrance of the design have both traditional and modern elements.
It is based on the concept of the Ukiyo-e (京橋竹河岸)
by Sadahide Utagawa (歌川宏重) expressing in the modern architecture. 

★Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyobashi 
Check-in 15:00/ Check-out 11:00
Phone: + 81-3-3231- 3131
All rooms are available to access FREE Wi-Fi.
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Just 5-min walk from Tokyo Station
What a convenient location!
Even you are dragging large luggage, 
you won't get in trouble. 
Easy access no doubt is one of the important factors to plan the trip.
  • Decoration wall presenting four seasons
    Decoration wall presenting four seasons
  • Roof design symbolizing the water surface of the Kyobashi River
    Roof design symbolizing the water surface of the Kyobashi River
  • Both traditional and contemporary designed room
    Both traditional and contemporary designed room

Point ① Hieroglyphics? Japanese traditional painting quiz!

When you walk into the room,
you will find a painting on top of the bed.
horses, chess, turtles, tabi (Japanese-styled socks), horsetails
What do they mean?

Japanese chess pieces "Car" pronounces as KYOSHA (香車);
”Horse” pronounces as UMA or BA (馬);
"4" in four horses pronounces as SHI or YON (四).
Then, try to combine them together
That's Kyobashi (京橋)
The name of this area!

Point ② Specialty from a lacquer shop of 328-year history

These crafts are from the lacquer shop of 328-year history, Kuroeya (黒江屋)

Crafts from Edo Period are still retaining well on the appearance. 
How impressed to feel the importance of cultural heritage.

Point ③ Necessity of business travel

A variety of charging equipment, network cable, 
convenient indoor drying and hanging device, 
as well as all rooms have free Wi-Fi.

All intimate and thoughtful service
no doubt improve the overall comfort for accommodation.

Attractive Breakfast!!!

 Mitsui Garden Hotel has its accommodation facilities all over Japan.
And every hotel impressively has its own characteristics on breakfast.

Like last time,
when we visited Mitsui Garden Hotel in Hokkaido,
we were impressed by the fresh seafood during breakfast in the early morning!
So what is waiting for us in Kyobashi?
  • Miura Vegetable directly from local markets
  •  Bread made by wheat flour from Mie and Kyushu.
  • Dishes made by specialty local eggs

Perfect blend of traditional and modern accommodation in Tokyo Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyobashi

If you are planning your trip to Tokyo,
looking for something traditional in the modern area,
Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyobashi would be your nice choice.

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Basic Info
NameMitsui Garden Hotel Kyobashi
StationJR Tokyo Station
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