Spacious, Comfortable living in Urawa: OAKHOUSE

Tokyo Accommodation 2015.09.30
Are you looking for a brand new stable life in Tokyo? Chic space at reasonable rents, convenient living environment, Social Residence Urawa
・No key money, gift money, agency fee is needed
・No guarantor is needed
・Fully furnished 
・Internet fee is free
・One-time-only management fee
・Can transfer between share houses
The biggest draw is a chance to enjoy a simple living space with communication with a multitude of people from all walks of life.

Let's explore the living space deeper.
  • Two-Story Building
    Two-Story Building
    "Social Residence Urawa" is located in a peaceful quiet residential area.
    Oh!! Cute OAKHOUSE vans is parked outside!
    Black and white!!!
    How cute! Japanese cars....
  • All Your Modern Day Conveniences are Nearby
    All Your Modern Day Conveniences are Nearby
    PARCO department store, Isetan department stores, convenience stores, Matsuya ......
    You don't need to go far for shopping!!!
    How convenient!!!
    Oh!! There are also direct buses bound for Haneda Airport!
  • Interior Appeal
    Interior Appeal
    A boundless space upon opening the door awaits!
    Wow!!! Just like a spacious hotel lobby!
    You can almost imagine a crystal clear chandelier hanging from above!
    There's also a shoe locker, umbrella stand and fresh plants!
  • Bicycle Parking is Available!
    Bicycle Parking is Available!
    13-min walk from the JR Urawa Station
    It's definitely not too far to walk, but a bicycle would speed up the process!
    Promote efforts to be green and commute to the station on bike.
  • The Most Spacious Room
    The Most Spacious Room
    The most spacious room is 26.42m² on the second floor.

    Wow!!! Quiet a large space!
    Almost enough for a group of two to three to live here!

    By the way,
    We have checked with the manager
     and Yes!!! Just pay an extra 10,000 yen,
    and it'll be okay for 2 people to share the room!

    ::: Single Occupancy ::: 

    Rent  64,000 yen + total benefit costs 12,000 yen

    = 76,000 yen / month

    ::: Double occupancy :::

    (76,000 yen + 10,000 yen) / 2

    = 43,000 yen / month
  • Enjoy the Comforts of home
    Enjoy the Comforts of home
    A desk is provided in the space with adequate lighting to allow you to study or work with ease.
  • The BASIC Room
    The BASIC Room
    A basic room will grant you a generous 12.84m² of space, with extra storage space under the bed. Included items include a clean closet with a refrigerator, bed and desk. WOW! all your essentials are covered!

    ::: Single Occupancy ::: 

    Rent 56,000 yen + total benefit costs 12,000 yen

    = 68,000 yen / month

    ::: Double occupancy ::: 

    (68,000 yen + 10,000 yen) / 2

    = 39,000 yen / month
  • You watch TV. I read book. You check cell phone. I have my meal.
    You watch TV. I read book. You check cell phone. I have my meal.
    Moving to a new place, we can't all say that we are super outgoing and make a ton of new friends on the first day. 
    Living in share house increases the chance of communicating with others and making friends!
    OAKHOUSE residents come from an array of nationalities. 
    Let's share and support each other!

    Just remember to keep quiet after 10pm. House rules.
  • Dinner Time!
    Dinner Time!
    Let's not forget the most important part of the house!
    As you can see, the kitchen is large and allows plenty of space for guests to use freely, without bothering one another. Utensils are also provided!!
  • Women Only~
    Women Only~
    Because this is a shared living space, OAKHOUSE doesn't forget to put their residents first. Put into practice we can see that there are specialty women-use only washing machines and seperate showers. 
What are you waiting for? Come and take a look!

<Social Residence Urawa>

Line name / Closest station 
JR Keihin Tohoku line / Urawa Station
JR Tohoku Line / Urawa Station
JR Takasaki Line / Urawa Station
JR Musashino Line / Musashi-Urawa Station
JR Saikyo Line / Musashi-Urawa Station

13-min walk to the nearest station

Address: Saitama-ken Saitama-shi Urawa-ku Kishicho

Just 10-min to the terminal station of Akabane
Bicycle parking
Optical fiber for Internet

Other facilities

【Rooms】 Air conditioner/refrigerator/bed/lighting/desk/chair 
【Shared spaces】Dishes/toaster/microwave/vacuum cleaner/rice cooker/pots/kettle/cooking utensils/postbox/sinks/iron/ironing board

Room Contact 30,000 yen

Every month
Rent 61,000 yen ~74,000yen

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