Set Your Wedding Apart with ALPACAS!

Kanto Accommodation 2015.10.05
Hotel Epinard in Nasu offers a once in a lifetime chance to have an amazing wedding with special CUTE guests who you'll love! Check out!
  • An Unique Experience
    An Unique Experience

    There are a wide range of interesting weddings nowadays.
    Like bungee jumping, diving, other activities or even traditional weddings!!!

    And today we are invited to an awesome wedding!!!
    A wedding freaturing "Alpacas"
  • # Wedding dresss
    # Wedding dresss
    Oh!!! It's the dressing room for [Wedding Gallery-WHITE DOOR] in Hotel Epinard Nasu!!!
    Customized models of dresses from overseas are also available!
  • Accommodations
    A glance at a room specially prepared for the bride and groom!
    The view from the 12th floor provides a beautiful scenic backdrop.
    How romantic would it be to spend a luxurious night in this deluxe suite??!
  • # Messenger of happiness!
    # Messenger of happiness!
    Ring bearers present an important role in any wedding ceremony. Usually it's someone related to the bride or the groom, however with Hotel Epinard Nasu weddings you won't believe your eyes.

  • # Alpacas!!!
    # Alpacas!!!
    A cool, charming white alpaca is well dressed, ready and waiting for the occasion!!
    Look at its cute red bow tie!!

    Alpacas in Epinard Nasu weddings don't just show up because they are cute (we love them btw), they also searve a purpose as an official ring bearer.
  • Ceremony Site
    Ceremony Site
    These weddings have become quite popular in Japan and are set to expand overseas!

    * Alpaca attendant (basic set includes one; 50,000 yen for every additional one)
    * Ceremony will be held at the "Forest church" at the resort
    *Wedding dress/ Tuxedo/ bouquet/ silk veil
    *Makeup and hair dress up of bride and groom
    *An photo album (Including photo archive)
    *One night accommodation at Hotel Epinard Nasu
     *Dinner at a gorgeous restaurant Meli Mel'Anges
    ※ Weekdays only!
    For weekend's plan, please check the website.
    For reservations
  • Hotel Epinard Nasu Weddings
    Hotel Epinard Nasu Weddings
    Flying beautiful petals
    Blessed by everyone!

    What kind of future is waiting for them?

    Wait!!! Few more special guests are at the back!!! 
  • Your Special Day
    Your Special Day
    A once in a lifetime experience!
    Taking your love to the next stage with a blessing from Alpacas!

    What kind of wedding are you looking for?

    An adventurous, fantastic, voyage awaits
    What an awesome celebration!!

    Not only good for wedding parties but also honey moons~
    What a nice choice!
Love at first glance! WE LOVE ALPACAS!!
Love at first glance! WE LOVE ALPACAS!!

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TEL: 0287-78-6000
check in /check out >> 15: 00/11: 00

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