That Cottage and Hot Spring life at Hotel Sun Valley Nasu

Tokyo Accommodation 2015.10.05
Into the depths of the forest we go, and where we'll end up only we know! Journey with us to Sun Valley Resort Nasu to kick our chill into high gear and escape the concrete jungle that is Tokyo. We hope you brought a good book along for the ride!
  • Owls Forest
    Owls Forest
    Just one hour away from Tokyo!
    This time we'll be staying at a cottage called "Owls Forest" at Hotel SunValley Nasu.
    Moving away from the big city we can take time to recharge and find unwind.
    This isn't our first time to Nasu, so be sure to check out our other excursions!
    Our destination was just an hour away from Ueno in Tokyo by Bullet train.
    In that short hour, we've prepared our bodies to enjoy the beauty of nature in Nasu that can be found during all seasons.
    We JAPANKURU members refer to this place as a “Soul City & Healing Spot”.
  • Cottage (Owls Forest)
    Cottage (Owls Forest)
    Why is it called the owl forest?!
    Around the cottage many owl statues, representing good luck, can be found in the area.
    This particular cottage is available for 2-4 people to fit comfortably. 
    Enjoy the elegant atmosphere of this small house, with a beautiful of forest landscape just outside the window.
    The makings of a romantic evening, or a friendly getaway are in the works.
    And of course, you can buy drinks and snacks at the ORIENTAL GARDEN store during check-in!

    1 night including 2 meals (morning and evening) : About 12, 000-15, 000 yen per person (2 persons / room)
  • Spacious bathroom and Amenities
    Spacious bathroom and Amenities
    A bath vanity, heated toilet and separate shower room make up the bathroom.
    There is no problem for even for an entire family to enjoy this luxurious and comfortable space.
    Similar to a hotel, all amenities will be provided, plush a heater, air-conditioner, humidifier, and air filters!
    Or you could just open the window to breathe the fresh forest air!

  • AQUA VENUS Waterpark and Hotsprings
    AQUA VENUS Waterpark and Hotsprings
    At Aqua Venus you can experience wearing a swimsuit while enjoying the hot springs!

    WATER PARK Open Hours: 10:00 ~ 21:00
    Hot Spring Open Hours: (Accommodation guests) 5:00 to 9: 30/10: 00 ~ 25: 00
    General Guests: 10:00 - 23:00
    Fee: accommodation guest is free of charge

    General Guests on weekdays: Adults 1000 yen /Children 500 yen
    Weekends / holidays:  Adults 1500 yen/ Children 800 yen
  • A Couples Retreat
    A Couples Retreat
    There are over 20 hot springs in the WATER PARK!
    Want to experience a sulfur or magnesium base or other kinds of hot springs?
    Come and give it a try!

    Such a wonderful destination not only for friends or families, but also for couples needing to spend some quality time together.

    Pictured above is no trick of photography.
    Because swimsuits are worn at this particular spring it is a COED hot spring!
    Finally you can enjoy quality with your significant other at a hot spring in the same room!
Enjoying a late night cocktail
Enjoying a late night cocktail
Holding a delicious cocktail while chatting into the wee hours of the night. Glancing at the time only to realize it's already midnight...
Luckily the hot springs stay open until 1am. 

What do you think?
Hotel Sun Valley Nasu has a lot of facilities to experience and enjoy!

Plan your next family or couple retreat and make sure Hotel Sun Valley Nasu is your destination!

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