#Share House Life ♪ Oakhouse Social Residence Fussa Haijima

Tokyo Accommodation 2015.10.05
Making friends in the big city is no problem with the Social Residence Fussa Haijima. For anyone planning to study abroad in Tokyo and are worried about where to live for a reasonable amount of money. Look no further!
  • Spacious and Comfortable Living Spaces
    Spacious and Comfortable Living Spaces
    Today, we've come the largest-scale share house facility we have ever visited!

    The balance of a bright public space with a plush private space maximizing your living standard. 

    You May be wondering, "Why do we always stick with OAKHOUSE?"
    Well, #OAKHOUSE facilities are carefully constructed, planned and built for various people. Meaning there's not only something that'll match your style, but your friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances as well!
    It's a dream living space for everybody!

    To cater to foreigners there official website is in English.
    Go check it out!

  • What is OAKHOUSE?
    What is OAKHOUSE?
    Oakhouse is synonomous with:
    ・No key money, gift money, agency fee is needed
    ・No guarantor is needed
    ・Fully furnished 
    ・Internet fee is free
    ・One-time-only management fee
    ・Can transfer between share houses
    The biggest draw is a chance to enjoy a simple living space with communication with a multitude of people from all walks of life.
  • A Variety of rooms to choose from
    A Variety of rooms to choose from
    There is a soundproof room designed for playing musical instruments, a theater room to enjoy movies/ videos, and a study room / conference room that are available 24-hours . Not only clean but heated toilet seats has become the a staple of life in Japan. And it's a perk for all those out there who can't stand the cold seat in winter (lol).
  • Meanwhile in the Movie room...
    Meanwhile in the Movie room...
    A large screen TV is provided to suit your TV watching or gaming experience. Feel free to relax and lie down in front of it.
  • In-Home Theater
    In-Home Theater
    Who needs waste money going to the movie theater when you have one in your own home! Wow!! 
    Movie lovers!
    Don't waste another second!!
    Start playing your favorite movie here! But please don't forget the popcorn!!
We are good friends〜
We are good friends〜
Independence is important, but it's also important to help one another!!

The significance of living in OAKHOUSE is providing a chance to enhance the living abroad experience and fostering communications with people from around the world. 

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Basic Info
NameOakhouse Fussa Haijima
Address5-5-7 Mihori-cho, Akishima, Tokyo
Station8 minutes walk from Haijima Station
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