Popular Place to Stay in Tokyo 🏨 IMANO TOKYO GINZA HOSTEL

Tokyo Accommodation Hostel 2017.10.19
Tokyo Accommodation - Stylish, Cheap, and Comfortable!
 Not Your Stereotypical Image of Hostels 

IMANO TOKYO GINZA HOSTEL just opened up on September 1, 2017! It's unlike any other hostel you might have seen in most Western countries. While cheap, it's surprisingly clean, stylish, comfortable, and conveniently located to some of the best touristic spots in Tokyo!
Closest stations:
🌟Shintomicho Station (新富町駅) on the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line:
‣Closest exit is Exit 2 (2mins), however there are a lot of stairs! *keep in mind if have lots of luggage!
‣6min walk from Exit 1
⦿Takaracho Station (宝町駅) on the Tokyo Metro Asakusa Line:
‣6mins from Exit A1
⦿Hacchobori Station (八丁堀駅) on the JR Keiyo Line:
 ‣7mins from Exit A3
 Stylish, Cheap, and Convenient
⓵ Stylish and Clean!
  • The staff were so genuine and kind! Welcomed us right away and helped us with figuring out the best way to get around. The receptionests also spoke real natural English, it took any worries we had away❤ 
  • Cheap accommodation doesn't always equal 100% hygienic. But man-oh-man, we were WOWED at how beautiful and clean IMANO TOKYO GINZA HOSTEL is! THIS? IS A HOSTEL!? It was really too good to be true.
⓶ Comfortable and Functionability
  • Many worry about the size of the bunk, but the tallest in our group was 5'9" (175cm), and she was able to rest easily with a few extra inches on the mattress to spare! Also if you would like a little "me time", all you need to do is close the curtain to your bed! d(*´▽`*)b
  • There is a hanger inside the bed area, but they had more available just incase! 
  • There are also little closest spaces right next to the beds for you to put your things.
  •  On every floor there are men's and women's toilets, showers, sinks, etc. that's available 24/7.
  • There are also shampoo and conditioner, body soap, and hair driers for you to use free of charge.
⓷ Necessary Facilities and Items
  • IMANO TOKYO also has other convenient supplies available when you're in a pinch for a small charge.
  • Such as: ✦ ear plugs bath towels  coin laundry machines  detergent ✦ toothbrushes ✦ razors  hair brushes
⓸ Safety
  • In addition to the areas where men and women share, there are sex-specific floors. Unfortunately, there are only "women's only" specific floors, but it is an option if any women would feel more comfortable staying there.
  • In terms of security, the doors are automatically lock secured for extra security (all do - regardless the floor). As well as each floor has safty deposit boxes available to keep guests valuables in. *trash cans next to the boxes
 Room Types 

Japanese Style Room

A great recommended for those in a big group, 
or those who just want that extra bit of privacy 
without having to pay loads at a hotel.
 What's even better about this room is it has a separate bathroom, 
but the price is no different!
Giving you the hotel like experience,
TV, hair brush, razors, towels, slippers and more
are available for private use. 

★Japanese Style Room ~ ¥10,000/Room


  • 4 Bed Room

     There are two types of rooms for a four person room:
    The Family Room which can be booked as a "room" 
    The Dormitory Room that can be booked as a "bed".

     They have a great level of privacy and service their purpose for a nice place to relax and recharge for the following day. This room is great for small families/groups that are traveling. While the Japanese Style Room is cheaper, everyone in is guaranteed a bed in these Family Rooms. 

    ★4 Persons Room (Dormitory) ~ ¥3,600/Person
     Family Room (4 beds) ~ ¥14,400/Room
  • 6 Bed Room

    For the six people room, there are three types, 
    The Family Room (same as the four bed room), 
    The Dormitory Room ("    ") 
    💡Women's Only Dormitory Room, booked per bed.

    ★6 Persons Room (Dormitory) ~ ¥3,400/Person
    6 Persons Women's Room (Dormitory) ~ ¥3,400/Person
    Family Room (6 beds) ~ ¥18,600/Room
  • 👆Yummy Food
  • 👆Cafe & Balcony
  • 👆Bar
There is a cafe and bar lounge on 2F of IMANO TOKYO GINZA HOSTEL! Here you can enjoy both Japanese and Western yummy food and drinks. There is also a small balcony available to those who would like to use it! Perfect place to spend your morning while you figure out your plans for the day~

 Bfast and cafe time: 8am to 11am 
 Bar time: 5pm to 10pm (Last order 9:30) 


Located in Ginza, which is seen as the shopping district that leads the trends of Tokyo, IMANO TOKYO GINZA HOSTEL really surpasses our expectations of a cheap and conveniently located hostel.

⏰: Check-in time is from 4pm
Check-out is at 11am
📞: (+81)03-5117-2131
Free WIFI available
🏩 Make reservations HERE

Basic Info
Address1-5-10 Shintomi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
StationShintomicho Station (新富町駅)
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