International Festivals at Yoyogi Park, 2019: Travel the World by Staying in Tokyo!

Tokyo Culture Festivals 2019.06.07
So, have you been in Tokyo for a day or two, or has it been months? Is Japan fresh and new and fascinating, or does it seem just totally normal to you? Either way, it might be time for you to head over to Yoyogi Park and check out one of the many international events hosted there throughout the year! Tokyo draws lots of visitors from around the globe, but it also maintains a robust international community year-round. That means that the international events at Yoyogi Park are always populated by lots of people who want to show off their community's culture, cuisine, and traditions in all the best ways. Spend a few hours just steps away from Harajuku, and you'll probably get to see some pretty cool cultural performances on the park's stage, but you'll definitely end up with a stomach full of delicious and authentic food!
Are you ready for that good Indian curry? How about some refreshingly sugary Thai iced tea? Looking for the best phở in Tokyo? Or maybe you just want to hear some traditional tunes from around the world. If any of that sounds pretty good to you, read on to find out more about the international festivals happening in Tokyo's Yoyogi Park this year.

Vietnam Festival 2019

Are you a fan of phở, but haven't found a good place to get it in Tokyo yet? Do you love Vietnam's 333 beer? Is your dream lunch a bánh mì packed with meat and vegetables? Get yourself to this year's Vietnam Festival! Stuff yourself with good food, and then don't forget to pick up a free temporary tattoo to show your love for Vietnam while browsing the booths. NMB48's Yuumi Ishida is a Vietnam Festival 2019 ambassador, and will be participating in some of the festival's many stage performances as well (alongside plenty of Vietnamese music and dance), so don't miss this chance to see her if you're a fan of Japan's giant pop-singing girl groups.


June 8~9
For more details, visit the event page.

8th Annual World Gourmet and Music Festa

Hosted by the World Music Internet Broadcasting Association, this festival promises a huge variety of food, along with good music of all kinds. This is the perfect event for anyone in Tokyo who eats extra-long french fries, Thai gapao rice, and Japanese pork meatballs all in one meal. Or anyone who aspires to be such a person. On stage will be both local Tokyo musicians, and music and dance performances from around the world, so check out the schedule when you arrive!

June 22~23
For more details, visit the event page.

Egypt Festival 2019

This festival is going on at the same time as the World Gourmet and Music Festa, so you can enjoy both in the same day! Get a taste of Egyptian food and try some kushari (a dish with rice, macaroni noodles, and lentils), kofta meatballs, and ta’amiyya A.K.A. falafel. On stage you'll be very entertained by performances like those by an Al Tannoura dance group, a more colorful and exciting version of the Turkish whirling dervishes. Take advantage of this unique chance to enjoy a culture far from Japan's while in Tokyo, and see how the two mix in Yoyogi Park.


June 22~23
For more details, visit the event page.

Songkran Festival 2019

Songkran is Thailand's traditional New Year's celebration! In Thailand it usually happens a little bit closer to the lunar new year, but here in Tokyo we're celebrating it in July! This Yoyogi Park celebration might have a little less water-splashing than its domestic version, but there will still be lots of Thai food and culture to enjoy! Stuff your face with Thai's coconutty green curry, or zesty gapao rice, and then wash it down with bright orange (and startlingly sweet) Thai iced tea. While you're there, admire traditional Thai costumes, and maybe try one on yourself!


July 20~21
For more details, visit the event page.

Festival Brasil 2019

This celebration of Brazilian culture will feature a huge variety of performances on stage, with dancers, singers local and coming all the way from South America, Samba bands, saxophonists, and more. Of course it wouldn't be a good festival without good food, and there will be plenty of grilled meat alongside other snacks, and stalls selling a variety of goods. Perhaps most unique is the two day long capoeira workshop, going on all weekend with both instructional periods, and plenty of impressive displays from experts.

July 20~21
For more details, visit the event page.

Taiwan Festa 2019 ~Day and Night TAIWAN~

Sure, you could go to this event to try mouth-watering Taiwanese fried chicken, or a variety of delectable soup dumplings. You ~could~ spend your time sampling Taiwanese beer, searching for the perfect pineapple cakes to buy for your friends, or park yourself by the stage and watch a variety of traditional dances. And that would all be great. But it's hard to imagine doing anything other than heading straight to Taiwanese Festa 2019's "Tapioca Street", and trying as many different glorious cups of bubble tea as possible. If you're anything like us, you might just drown yourself in milk tea and chewy boba.


July 27~28
For more details, visit the event page.

Sri Lanka Festival

This festival is bringing the spice of Sri Lankan culture to the park, with a host of traditional cultural experiences for visitors to enjoy. Head over to the stage for a number of performances, including traditional Sri Lankan dance and music. If you've been feeling sluggish lately, learn more about traditional Ayurvedic medicine. Experts will be there to teach you about the medicinal field and guide you through the experiences, including massages and yoga lessons! And if all of this leaves you a bit peckish, there should be no lack of snacks and drinks for your enjoyment. Chow down on a plate of curry, try out a Sri Lankan beer, or sample one of plenty of other local delicacies.


August 3~4
For more details, visit the event page.

Thai Fair in Tokyo 2019

That's right, there's another Thai culture festival happening in Yoyogi Park in August! If you're looking for more good curry or sweet iced tea, here's another great reason to head to Harajuku. Of course you won't want for Thai knickknacks and traditional performances, either, with music and souvenirs aplenty.


August 11~12
For more details, visit the event page.

China Festival 2019

At this point, you might be thinking "right, right, China Festival means Chinese food and dances and music." And you're right, from mapo tofu to steaming pork buns, from Western-style sopranos to richly costumed traditional dancers, there will be tons to eat and tons to see at this festival. But, on top of all that, the China Festival 2019 promises ping pong tables where you can challenge your friends, craft workshops for kids, panda mascots, booths for visitors to try out Chinese video games, martial arts, and more!


September 21~22
For more details, visit the event page.


Namaste India 2019

Namaste India is a huge event that draws tons of Indian expats from all over the region, so it's a great day out! Watch Indian artists at work, listen to traditional drummers beat away complex rhythms, and smell wafts of curry-infused air that will start your mouth watering! After you've had your fill of curries, samosas, Indian beer, and tons of other foods, you can head to a tent to play traditional Indian games, or try on a sari. You can even participate in yoga sessions, or learn more about henna tattoos.


September 28~29
For more details, visit the event page.

Indonesian Citizens' Friendship Festival

Balinesian dance! Nasi goreng! Traditional Indonesian costumes! Plus much, much more at this yearly Indonesian cultural festival.


October 19~20
For more details, visit the event page.

Fiesta de España 2019

Last but not least, the sole representative of Europe at Yoyogi Park this year will be Spain, with the Fiesta de España! Food offerings for this Spanish event include authentic paella, patatas bravas, churros, and more. Sit down by the stage to see both classical and folk performances, with everything from operatic vocalists and flamenco dancers, to soccerball experts. Last year's fiesta celebrations included a quiz app connected to the event; we're excited to see what interesting ideas the planners come up with this year. It's a unique event in the middle of the big city!

November 23 ~ 24
For more details, visit the event page.


So, are you all hyped up and ready to go? If art exhibitions or fireworks are more your thing, though, there's plenty for you to do this summer, as well!


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