The Kawagoe Castle in Saitama

Kanto Culture History 2019.08.03
With the Rugby World Cup starting soon, Saitama is definitely going to be one of the must-visit destinations in Japan. In this article, we will look at one of the closest castles to visit from Tokyo. Kawagoe Castle lost most of the part over history, however, the remainders still leave the ideas of how it used to look and tells many stories.
About the Castle
  • The main entrance to the castle.
Come visit the closest castle from Tokyo!
This Kawagoe castle has lost most of its part, and only the 【本丸御殿:ほんまるごてん】 the main hall of the castle remains.
However, you are able to take a look inside this castle for just a hundred yen!
The remains still tell a good history of what it used to look like and takes you back in time!
  • A capture of the castle remains.
    A capture of the castle remains.
We've had the chance to go to visit this castle remainders and was able to capture some of its histories.
Let us share you some of this with you.
  • The Aoi Crest on top of the roof.
The first thing that you will see before you enter the site is this Aoi crest, which is the crest of the Tokugawa clan. This already tells one history of this castle. Whilst the owner of the castle had changed many times over history, it was once in the hands of the Tokugawa clan.
Inside the castle
  • The garden view from within the castle.
The garden remains from long ago and is still kept in good condition.
The style may have changed but still gives you an idea of what it used to look like.
  • The Engawa at the Tsumesho of the castle.
Sit down and enjoy the view at the Engawa 【縁側:えんがわ】, the corridor-like part of Japanese architecture, of the Tsumesho【詰所:つめしょ】, an office of the castle where the top-ranked samurai officials stay.
A view in winter.
After walking around, towards the end of the tour, you will find this hall with great big sliding doors beautifully painted.
Here are the details of the castle.

Open Hours: 09:00 - 17:00 (last entrance 16:30)
Closed: on Mondays, fourth Friday of the month, Dec 28th till Jan4th.
Price: 100 Yen
Takes approximately 20 to 30mins to look around.

That was a quick tour of the Kawagoe Castle Honmaru Goten in Saitama prefecture.
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Take a quick tour of the castle! Come and visit on your next trip.
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