The Yellow Fields of Sunflower at Joetsu Myoko APA Resort

Chubu Culture Joetsu-myoko 2019.08.25
Beautiful sunflowers are covering the fields all over Japan at the moment, and here at APA resort this year, a landscape artist known as the Gardening Magician, Kazuyuki Ishihara, has joined to make the experience at APA Resort more special.
About Sunflowers in Japan
Himawari【向日葵:ひまわり】, sunflowers in Japan have a fairly long history.
It first came into Japan in the 17th century, also during the Edo period. Back then, people didn't appreciate sunflowers as they do nowadays. This was mainly because in those days things that were dainty were considered better, and because sunflowers were too big and bright, it was overwhelming for them.

However, it didn't take long for the people in Japan to start liking this lovely bright flower.
Later in the century, sunflowers were introduced in a book called the "Kinmou Zui"(訓蒙図彙 is the Japanese word for this if you wish to search about it) as one of the popular flowers. And because this book was commonly read by the Japanese gardeners, it soon spread around also by word of mouth.

Sunflowers at Joetsu APA Resort

So, there's Hokkaido, Yamanashi and many other places that have sunflower fields, but, what's so special about these in Joetsu?
Well, this time APA resort asked a famous landscape artist to design this garden.
This is Kazuyuki Ishihara. He is called the magician of gardening and a gold medalist at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Here at APA resort, there are one million sunflowers and around 27 different species of them.
They also have fifteen thousand Kochias growing nearby, and in autumn, they turn to a beautiful red colour.
  • Sunflowers in APA Resort Joetsu Myoko

What else is around?

Right next to the sunflower field, there is a chapel-themed cafe, which once really was used as a chapel.
Six flavours of gelato, afternoon tea, and more.
  • Chapel Themed Cafe right close to the sunflower field
  • Afternoon Tea at the Garden Chapel Cafe MonAmi
At night, they have what's called the APALLUSION, which this year is open to tourists for free.
(We will cover more about this in details soon!)
Places like the Akakura Ski Resort area and the beautiful Naena Falls are also closely located to this area.
So there's plenty for you to look around for. Try the local cuisine nearby as well. They have a unique chili paste called the kanzuri, and it has a nice citrusy flavour, different from the more widely-available yuzu-kosho.
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Great NEWS for Tourists!!

For this year only, Joetsu APA resort is offering free admission for the Sunflower/Kochia field and the APALLUSION to foreign tourists for FREE

Just show your passport (that's not Japanese) at the entrance and you should get free admission.

Check out their official webpage for more details!

⇩ See more of the sunflowers in our video below! ⇩

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