Romantic date at night in a gorgeous place!

Tokyo Culture 2015.12.22
~Tokyo City view in Roppongi Hills~

Let's have an unforgettable memory this Christmas!

At the top of Roppongi Hills, landmark in Roppongi, you can see the panorama of Tokyo in Tokyo City View!

Let see why people would like to go to Roppongi for dating!
Beautiful point of Tokyo City View!
1. New sensation to experience projection mapping
2. Starry sky planetarium
3. Starry-themed menu and products
4. World of the Mori Art Museum
5. SKYDECK to overlook the Tokyo night

★ Charming Point 1 Special lighting of TOKYO CITY VIEW

Romantic dating at night in Tokyo

[Star Lighting] Date: November 7, 2015 - December 25, 2015

Just 42-second, an ultra-high-speed elevator brings us reaching the observation deck,
to enjoy the the special lighting
"A starry touch panel theater."

You can see the panoramic observatory of Tokyo, with 16 projection screens.
Just use your smart phone to control the moon and star going up and down and moving around.
This is the world's first hands-on projection mapping!

It is like the real starry sky of a gorgeous night view of Tokyo!

★ Charming Point 2 Starry sky planetarium

  • "Earth in our hands" the concept of "planetarium" made by producer, Takayuki Ohira.
    At the entrance, you can take the picture like this and request for a copy. 
    (charged for 300yen)

    [Admission fee of Planetarium]
    (Additional fare to the observatory)
    Adults:  500 yen / person
    Children: 300 yen / person
  • Largest number in the world ! Telescope to see about 1 billion stars

    Named "Galaxy walk," which reminds us the Japanese drama starred by Takuya Kimura called 
    "One Million Stars Falling from the Sky."

    In fact, it used the self-luminous lighting, which helps making the stars look brighter and more beautiful!
  • Although the galaxy of sky seems unchangeable, it is actually moving. 
    You know what? The most beautiful starry sky is around the morning period. 

    Oh my gosh!!!
    We can't even distinguish it is a dream or reality though~
    There is no reasons you don't fall in love with it!

★ Charming Point 3 Starry-themed menu and products

  • [THE SUN] & [THE MOON]
    [THE SUN] & [THE MOON]
    Green banana liqueur soda water with grapefruit flavored ice.
    It is a lovely cocktail called [shooting star]
    Let's taste it with your beloved!

    [Shooting Star] cocktail 1000 yen + tax
  • Roast chicken and Mushroom with citrus flavored cream sauce
    Roast chicken and Mushroom with citrus flavored cream sauce
    Spaghetti with citrus flavored cream sauce and lotus root texture. 
    Of course the chicken as well!
  • 100%Japanese Akaushi Beef Hamburg Steak with demi-glace Sauce
    100%Japanese Akaushi Beef Hamburg Steak with demi-glace Sauce

★ Charming Point 4 World of the Mori Art Museum

The nearest museum to the heaven
[Mori Art Museum]
A variety of architecture, design, fashion exhibitions are held here all year round.
As well as, art, photography, sculpture and other art works.

★ Charming Point 5 SKYDECK to overlook the Tokyo night

More romantic dating spot
Starry sky above, and gorgeous Tokyo night view below. 
Isn't a suitable place to spend a romantic moment together?
The night at Tokyo City View, indeed create another great memory at the daytime!
52F Roppongi Hills, Mori Tower, Roppongi 6-10-1, Minato-ku, Tokyo  
By train
■ Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line to Roppongi Station (direct link to Roppongi Hills)
■ Toei Subway Oedo Line to Roppongi Station (four-minute walk)
■ Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line and Toei Subway Oedo Line to Azabu-juban Station (eight-minute walk)
■ Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line to Nogizaka Station (eight-minute walk)
*All distances were timed to Roppongi Hills.

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