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Tokyo Culture 2016.01.07
Studying abroad gives you a chance to connect with people from all over the world, and improve your international perspective. It's also a great experience to learn a second or even third language! Make sure you choose Musashino University as your study abroad destination.
  • Studying Abroad in Japan!
    Studying Abroad in Japan!
    It's perhaps a big dream for most people, especially studying in Tokyo! Today, we would like to introduce you our friends at Musashino University who are working hard everyday to make their dreams come true! 

    Musashino University is a 4-year college found in 1924. The main campus is located in Nishi-Tokyo city, the western part of central Tokyo. Because it's in the western part of central Tokyo it doesn't feel as cramped as the inner city and enjoys a spacious green campus with convenient transportation
  • Variety of Japanese Cultural Experiences
    Variety of Japanese Cultural Experiences
    There are a variety of International exchange programs to attract foreign students from all the 4 corners of the world. Once in the school you can participate in many cultural activities such as wearing Kimonos, Japanese tea ceremony, flower arrangement and other traditional cultural experiences. At the Musashino campus there is actually a 105 square-meter Japanese-style room used for some of these cultural activities. 
  • School Information
    School Information
    Musashino University actually has two campuses within Tokyo:
    School location:  Musashino Campus: Shinmachi 1-1-20,  Nishi-Tokyo, Tokyo 
    Ariake Campus: Ariake 3-3-3, Koto-ku, Tokyo
    Department components:  *Literature Department / Department of Human Sciences / Environmental Sciences / Department of Education / Department of Pharmacy / Nursing (Musashino Campus)
    *International Communication Studies / Faculty of Law / Department of Economics
       Political Department of Economics / Department of Human Science / Environmental Studies (Ariake Campus)
    Number of students: 7,000 (including graduate students)
    Number of Professors: 1,020 
  • Musashino University
    Musashino University
    The beautiful university campus is truly in tune with nature, featuring a lot of greenery to foster a good environment for learning. Kichijoji is a great neighborhood because it's sort of a sleepy town, meaning it's quiet and a good place for the students to focus on their studies.
  • A calming library
    A calming library
    A wide variety of books with comfortable seats and quiet atmosphere is kind of a recipe for disaster. This library is a popular getaway for the students because of it's appeal. Students who enter this library are in danger of never wanting to leave! Enter at your own risk!

    But then again, while there you might as well accumulate all the knowledge you possibly can!
  • Unforgettable Cafeteria
    Unforgettable Cafeteria
    Reasonable price, homemade taste, and the kindness of the staff working there! Bring back memories from your former school days? Enjoys meals in a clean and spacious cafeteria plus laughter with your schoolmates! Oh!! Miss the oldiesssss!!!Eating with friends is no doubt better than eating alone!

    Another fun time in Japan!
  • The ideal living area in Tokyo!
    The ideal living area in Tokyo!
    With the well-known scenic Inokashira Park nearby, you can also find fashionable shops and cafes everywhere! That Tokyo life is pretty amazing! From personal experience, it's better to spend time outside of the main city centers, because people are a lot more inviting and open. This is why Musashino University is in the perfect location for a study abroad.
  • # Life in Tokyo
    # Life in Tokyo
    The best part about Tokyo we've noticed since living here is that it is exactly like all the comic books and animations. It's unbelievable really! Soon as you arrive you'll feel as if you've just entered your favorite anime and are on your way to living out new adventures.
  • Cafe Appeal
    Cafe Appeal
    Being a university student doesn't have to be all hard work. You can also enjoy the many cafes and restaurants nearby the university. Bon appetit!


Leaving home on such a long journey, it's very important that you have friends. Musashino University is full of good kids anxious to realize their goals and ambitions. Just like this friendly bunch you will fit in no problem and soon have friends from all over the world. If you want a great one-of-a-kind experience! Musashino University is the place to go!

JAPANKURU is by your side too!!

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