A Guide on How To Tell The Difference Between an Akita and Shiba Inu - by Kuruki

Tokyo Culture Shiba_inu 2019.10.09
Seems like our mascot Shiba Inu Kuruki want's to have a word on how to tell the difference between an Akita and Shiba Inu.

Do you remember me?

Hi everyone!
It's been a while since my last appearance.

It's Kuruki! 
For those who are not familiar, let me introduce myself before we go on with today's topic.
  • That's me there!
My name is Kuruki, it is a made-up word in Japanese 【来希:くるき】which means "A wish come true".
I love this name❤️

I am a female Shiba Inu breed born in Tochigi Prefecture. 
You can follow me on Facebook if you like.

I appear more on social media but I am around keeping my small eyes wide open for anything new in Japan to introduce to the world.

So, that's a quick intro about myself.

Shall we move onto the main topic?

Let's start with my kind of canine, the Shiba Inu.

So, I am a kind that particularly exists in Japan.
  • That's me in the pic on the left, and on the right is a cute Shiba Inu key strap.
    That's me in the pic on the left, and on the right is a cute Shiba Inu key strap.
    Both refusing to go any further.
    That I think is a picture that sums up our personality.

    Us Shiba Inu are stubborn dogs.
    We do like people and we follow the rules most of the time, but when we don't like it... We don't like it.
    It's either we don't want to go home, or don't want to go any further, for most of the cases

How to tell the difference?

If you just take a look at the colour as na example, it would be hard to determine the difference.
That's because we share similar colours which are white, reddish-brown, and sable patterns (a mixture of black white and brown like the German Shepards). 

But, if you look carefully you should be able to spot the obvious differences.


The size and shape of our bodies.

The first obvious difference when you compare us side by side, you can tell that we are actually quite different in terms of sizes.

An average Shiba Inu will weigh around 8 ~ 10.5 kg (about 17.6 ~ 23.1 lb) and Akita around 38 ~ 45 kg (that's 83.7 ~ 99.2 lb).

The shape of the body is another obvious one.

Our (Shiba Inu that is) body shapes tend to be balanced out evenly from head to tail, whereas Akitas look bulkier and have a stronger neck with a broader waist.
  • Can you see how balanced out I look?
    Can you see how balanced out I look?

The face

The structure of the face would be another different aspect.
  • Me on the left and an Akita on the right
    Me on the left and an Akita on the right
    Although we share similar ear shapes, my face is more towards an octangular shape, from the front and Akita has a face structure where parts are closer to each other towards the centre.
  • Me on the left and an Akita on the right again.
    Me on the left and an Akita on the right again.
    Would this be easier to compare??
  • Maybe a picture from the side might be a good one to sow as well.


We both love people, but there are differences in our character as well.
  • Both Akita and Shiba Inu are very loyal partners to keep around, but us Shiba Inu tend to live to our own likings and keep a slight distance, whereas an Akita is quieter and kinder.
  • That's it for todays class.
    It was a very brief explanation, but I hope you got the point!

    Size, character and the face.
    Next time when you have the chance to have a good look, you should see for yourself as well.

    Well, I will see you around!
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