The Commemorative 500 Yen Coins Are Now Available

Tokyo Culture Commemorative 2019.10.20
The commemorative coins for the enthronement of the Japanese Emperor has commenced. The coins are available at any of the banks listed on the website of the Japanese Ministry of Finance.

The Ceremonies of the Accession to the Throne of the Japanese Emperor

The 22nd of October 2019 is going to be a public holiday in Japan, and traffic restrictions are expected around the surrounding area.

Check out the traffic restrictions announced by the Metropolitan Police Department here. (← Link to a PDF with details.)

*Note that the parade has now been postponed till the 10th of November.
Announced by the Cabinet Office Government of Japan here.
  • Concurrently, the Japan Mint has issued these commemorative coins.
    Concurrently, the Japan Mint has issued these commemorative coins.
    The exchange of these coins is now taking place at banks around Japan.
    A detailed list in Japanese is available here. (Image credit: Ministry of Finance, Japan)
  • Ehime Broadcasting has also mentioned about this on TV.
    (Image credit: FNN PRIME)
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