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Kansai Culture Shuhari 2019.11.14
With the various festivals focused on bring Japanese culture to different countries, we're looking at Shuhari Japan and their time in France at the Japan Tours Festival 2019!
Every year, a series of festivals and events celebrating and introducing Japan to the rest of the world are held in a variety of different countries. In the UK you have events like Hyper Japan in London or Doki Doki Festival in Manchester, in the US you have Japanfest Chicago, or the J-Pop Summit in San Francisco. And in France, a country well known for its love of Japan, you have Japan Expo and Japan Tours Festival.

For this year's Japan Tours Festival, that happened in February and brought in about 20,000 guests, we want to take a look back at one of the popular exhibitions from Shuhari Japan.
What is Shuhari Japan (守破離Japan)?
Shuhari Japan is a traditional dance and martial arts group that looks to bring these traditional cultures to the rest of the world. By practicing as a group and performing a broad range of traditional acts, such as dances, swordsmanship and Iaido, and shamisen.
  • Example of Swordsmanship with Masatoshi Kubo and Hiroyuki Kishida
    Example of Swordsmanship with Masatoshi Kubo and Hiroyuki Kishida
The Main Performance
The main performance from Shuhari Japan was a performance concerning swordsmanship and the elements of a battle scene when it comes to traditional period films and shows. The two main performers were Hiroyuki Kishida and Masatoshi Kubo. Mr. Kubo was originally Mr. Kishida's teacher in the art of swordsmanship and action scenes, but due to them living in Tokyo and Kyoto respectively, they don't have the chance to meet much.
With this, a lot of the practice for this was done mainly individually. This shows an extreme amount of talent to be able to pull this off! Without having a numerous amount of years training as well, the performance wouldn't have been able to take place. The performance was applauded and rated extremely highly leading to an invitation for the following years Japan Tours Festival 2020 happening in February 2020!
Other Performances
A whole host of performances was also performed and experiences were to be had! They had professional dancers such as Einojo and shamisen players like Maya Yamao attend, and they also made an on the spot decision to do a brief swordsmanship training exhibition after being asked to do so, which was also received with great reviews! A large range of people attended this from young to old, and it gave the organisers a chance to let those that had come to touch the Japanese Traditional culture personally.
An Invitation and Crowdfunding Project!
After receiving a large amount of great praise, the organisers of Japan Tour Festivals invited Shuhari Japan back to participate in 2020. With this, in order to attend with the best possible group, they have created a crowdfunding project on our sister site Japankuru Funding! By raising money to help pay for some of the costs of transportation and luggage fees, they hope to help many more people learn about Japan and its traditional cultures!
You can find the page here on Japankuru Funding!
It has a target goal of 500,000 Yen and runs from October 31st to December 19th
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