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Tokyo Culture 2016.01.26
Ever just want to use a tube of toothpaste to the very last drop? It'd be such a waste to toss it in the trash knowing that you still have 2-3 uses left in there.

Making every drop count!

How many men and women can sympathize with my dilemma? When using toothpaste, facial cleansers, etc. you often get stuck with the last drop that doesn't like to come out as easy. You know there's still enough for another application inside the bottle, but you just can't get it out! Please tell me everyone else has gone through this at least once in their lifetime!!
  • Tube stop (Daiso)
    Tube stop (Daiso)
    Introducing the tube stop from the 100 yen shop called Daiso.

    Finally, a solution to the problem of wasting the last drops of your tube based products!! There's definitely something satisfying about using a product to the very end. Almost like, I'm finally getting my moneys worth!
    Included in the design is a suction cup for easy storage in a bathroom ♪

    So easy to use!!

Fun for the whole family

Just connect to the end of your tube and roll it round and round!
For more information please take a look at the video♪
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