2019~2020 Japanese Winter Nail Design Guide

Tokyo Culture Nail polish 2019.12.27
Love the look of Japanese manicures? The flashy gel and kawaii decorations? Well, the holiday season is the perfect time to get festive and either splurge on a Japanese manicure, or spend some time perfecting your nails yourself! So here's how to steal that style.

Style Point ① Keep It Classic with Green & Red

Most of the year, green and red together are, well, a little odd. So take advantage of the holiday season, and get into the Christmas spirit if you want to!
▲ Japanese manicures are usually known to be flashy and cute, but even in the land of kawaii, sometimes simple is best! This set up with just simple golden accents is very classy.
▲ But if the last set of nails was a little too monotonous for you, these might be more your style! Add snowflakes, pearls, golden glitter, and polka dots to be the belle of the ball!
▲ Play with textures for a more mature look! The deep, solid green next to a shiny maroon, and cute sweater-texture white accent nails adds fun without it being over the top.

Style Point ② Get Festive!

Maybe red and green is a little too subtle? Most of Japan isn't Christian, but they still love a chance to celebrate. So come winter, salons nationwide start painting nails with Christmas ornaments, Santa hats, reindeer, and plenty of other symbols of the holiday!
▲ This adorable set uses colors judiciously to combine some pretty clear Santa hat imagery with a more subtle version using pearls, accenting it all with a super-glam Christmas tree. A simple manicure, but lots of fun.
▲ Up for some nail art? These simple reindeer faces really up the cuteness level!
▲ These nails show off some serious illustration skills, but they also make it clear how cute small, subtle details can get!
▲ Sometimes going the other direction isn't a bad idea, either. Take your favorite Japanese characters and dress them up holiday style!

Style Point ③ Wintery Blue

More interested in celebrating Chanukah? Maybe the winter snow makes you think of the icy blue of glaciers... or perhaps it's just that blue plays such a big part in so many Japanese illuminations (holiday lights). For whatever reason, the 2020 Pantone color of the year, Classic Blue, seems like a pretty appropriate nail color choice as well!
▲ After all the glitz of Christmas nails, this mix of cable sweater texture and matte finishes is a refreshing change that looks like it could carry you through to the end of winter.
▲ But blue doesn't have to be so simple, either! Add a little golden sparkle for a romantic snowy scene.
▲ Or, after all that, you can always go a little abstract for a classy, unique look that's sure to draw attention!

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