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Tokyo Culture 2016.01.27
The art of folding paper is not only a fashionable activity, but it’s growing in popularity with even spacecrafts incorporating the principles in its designs.

Put on your thinking caps!

100-yen shops in Japan are packed full of colorful origami papers for your enjoyment and delight.
This time we’ll use these special origami sheets to create something more than just a fun activity. Once again we'll venture back to Daiso, our local 100-yen shop to shop for the equipment we'll be using today. Let’s use the origami paper to give these our New Year’s cards a new stylish look!
  • What are Japanese New Year's cards?
    What are Japanese New Year's cards?
    ​In Japan, New Year’s cards are kind of a big deal. To put it simply, they are a way to show appreciation to those you have encountered throughout the year. And also a way to ask for their continued support and good relationship with you for another year. These cards can almost be compared to sending a personalized Christmas card. Although these days with the rise of individuals’ text messaging and emailing instead of sending cards, the culture of sending New Year’s cards still remains unchanged. Nothing can surpass the feeling of receiving a hand-written personalized letter.
  • How to make it!
    How to make it!


    New Year’s Card/ Christmas Card
    Glue (Daiso)
    Bag clips (Daiso)
    Origami paper

    Most people have used this type of glue before because it's something we've all used in elementary school right? Anyways, to get it for 100 yen is a bargain!

  • 1. First, organize the New Year’s cards and origami paper, then place the origami on the back and front cover of the cards. Firmly attach the paper to the card! If not aligned properly there’s a high possibility the paper may be skewed later so make sure. However there may be a little bit of play at the top and bottom, but don’t worry it can’t be helped.
  • 2. Next begin to apply the glue to the spine of the book. Be carefult not to add too much, but jus the right amount. You want to spread the glue evenly so that it touches all the cards. 
  • 3. Place about 2 sheets of tissue on top of the glue in order to make sure it creates an even balanced flow.
    4. Allow it to dry until the glue hardens.
  • 5. After drying, remove one of the sheets of tissue then glue an origami sheet on the spine of the book. All finished!

    Your new cute New Year’s card book is complete!

Memories Forever

You can create one each year and start your New Year’s card collection. Be sure to select your favorite pattern and don’t be afraid to mix and match the colors!

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