Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Companies in Japan

Tokyo Culture Sdgs 2020.02.27
SDGs, a goal set for world to be a better place by 2030. The world is shifting its business operations to achieve these 17 goals and here are what some of the Japanese companies are doing.

What are Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

Sustainable Development Goals, were established during the United Nations 2012 Rio De Janeiro conference on sustainable development. 
It is designed for people to understand the current situations the world is facing and present us with seventeen universal goals.

Companies have shifted to align their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) with the SDGs and companies in Japan are also working on their part.

Let us introduce you just a few.
  • 1. LOTTE and the Australian Koala Foundation

    There's a snack called Koala no March【コアラのマーチ:こあらのまーち】, which can be translated into "March of the Koalas", is a longtime seller of the company in Japan.

    You would see them just about anywhere in Japan, like at the convenience stores and supermarkets. The company has been participating in the Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) a charity that helps save the Koalas in Australia.

    In Australia, incidents like the currently ongoing bushfires and Koala hunting have worsened the situation and Koalas are losing their homes and lives. 

    AKF is trying to help prevent all this and LOTTE is participating to help that.

    Here is an online post that relates to the hunting of Koalas. 
  • 2. SAMSUNG smartphones and the pre-installed apps

    Let's take a look at the next-door neighbours. In Korea, Samsung has incorporated this pre-installed app that raises awareness about SDGs in its Galaxy Note series.
    This app helps you to learn how SDGs works and we believe it is one of the simple effective ways that get people to know about it.
  • 3. K.Uno Contributing to the society

    K.Uno, a jewelry company that makes custom-made items, as well as bridal jewelry, creates over 40,000 designs of jewelry each year. They have stores wide across Japan and produce many high-quality pieces of jewelry. 
    When it comes to thinking about the environment, they care about what ingredients they use, how they handle their waste, how they can contribute to a better society, think ways they can reuse or recycle their waste, etc.

    Take a look at what other contribution K.Uno makes.

    The company has been working on these matters from earlier in their stage, and they have redefined it all by matching them to SDGs.
  • For further details on SDGs, visit United Nation's official website here.

    As we mentioned earlier, this is only a few examples, we would like to cover more whenever we come across a company that contributes to these goals.

    Together, we can make the change!
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