Cute Interior Wool and Wire Letters♡

Tokyo Culture Shopping 2016.02.08
Who's looking to get crafty? It's 100-yen craft time!
This time I'll introduce you to this..!

This cute wool lettering has been constructed entirely of one hundred yen shop goods!
Today's Daiso items will consist of:
Pliers (scissors will also work if you have brute strength)
Lilian Knitting machine (not sold at Daiso!)
  • Selecting Wool
    Selecting Wool
    The handicraft department of DAISO lined with so much wool!! Take advantage of this bountiful selection and choose your favorite wool.
  • My Bounty
    My Bounty
    Your selection may vary but this is what I got. 100% wool & yarn is the easiest to knit with so make sure you get the best.
  • As for the wire..
    As for the wire..
    At about 1.6mm thick and 16m long, you can also pick this up for only 100 yen!
    I bought the black, which is actually made of plastic! (Because by itself it's a fashionable interior wire, we will continue to introduce in a future blog)

How to make:

1, Determine the letters and words you want to create, then predict the length necessary.

2, Add in a little extra so you have room for knitting.

3, Once you've began knitting you can introduce the wire.
  • Inserting the Wire
    Inserting the Wire
    4. Next you will insert the wire into wool that was previously knitted. Inserting the wire will make the wool a whole lot sturdier
  • Inserted!
    5, The wool is now ready to be bent into the letters that you need.
  • Almost Complete
    Almost Complete
    If the wire ends up being too short you can fold it back over on itself then cut it using the pliers. Also in order to make the edge of the wool and wire more pretty try folding over the edge on its side

    Feel free to decorate as you see fit.

    It'd probably be cute to decorate with driftwood inside your home♡
  • Feel free to decorate as you see fit.

    It'd probably be cute to decorate with driftwood inside your home♡
  • Doesn't look like something from Daiso does it?
    Doesn't look like something from Daiso does it?
    ♪ Honestly I don't even think it looks like it's only 100 yen!
    By the way, the white wire basket hanging from it is also from the 100 yen shop. (Seria)
  • Now it's your turn
    Now it's your turn
    Everyone please try your best to make your own unique design! ♪
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