Amusement Park Closures Due to COVID-19 - Disneyland, Sanrio Puroland, Universal Studios Japan, and the Ghibli Museum are Closing Temporarily!

Tokyo Culture Disneyland 2020.02.28
As coronavirus continues to slowly spread, and news makes its way around the world, places all around Asia are taking precautions and doing their best to prevent infections before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Since the masks that are so very popular in Japan don't do much to protect individuals from catching COVID-19, facilities like these Japanese amusement parks and gathering places are taking initiative, and trying to reduce large concentrations of people. Take a look at the steps they're taking to prevent becoming infection hotspots.

Safety Measures & Temporary Closures

Tokyo Disneyland
While face masks don't neccessarily do very much to keep the wearer safe, they do help contain the spread of infection, which is why Toyko Disneyland championed their use and had Cast Members wearing them once news of the virus started. As the situation has developed, however, the park has decided to close its doors for the time being, as a safety measure.

Closed: February 29 to March 15

After these dates, Disneyland plans to reassess the situation and move forward with openings/closures from there. Tickets purchased for the dates when the park is closed are elligible for full refund!

Tokyo Disneyland's Official Announcement (jp)

Sanrio Puroland
Another Tokyo theme park, Sanrio Puroland (home to Hello Kitty galore and more) has also been making frequent status updates, with the most recent news being a similar closure period to the Happiest Place on Earth.

Closed: February 22 to March 12

Puroland is extending the validity period of some of their tickets for this period, as well as allowing cancellations.

Sanrio Puroland's Official Announcement (jp)

Universal Studios Japan
While much of the hubub in Japan has been focused on Tokyo, this major Osaka amusement park is taking steps towards safety as well, and announced their intentions to reassess the situation in mid-March.

Closed: February 29 to March 15

In the mean time, since tickets for Universal Studios Japan are only available overseas through travel agents, the park is advising guests to contact their respective travel agencies for refunds.

Universal Studios Japan's Official Announcement (en)

Ghibli Museum Mitaka
A true favorite among international travelers, although the Ghibli Museum isn't quite as enormous as Tokyo's amusement parks, it does attract huge crowds daily, which is why it too is closing down temporarily for safety. The official announcement noted that the museum was basing this decision on the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's decision to cancel or postpone major indoor events for the time being.

Closed: February 25 to March 17

Reserved museum tickets dated January 22 to March 30, 2020 are officially eligible for a refund (but not exchange for another date). Find all the refund details on this page of their official website, in English. 

Ghibli Museum Mitaka's Official Announcement (en)
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