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How much of the animals used in the ads get any sort of benefit? Mostly none, but not anymore. The Lion's Share is a fund asking companies to donate 0.5% of their media spendings whenever companies use animals in their promotion. It began as part of Sustainable Development Goals where we try to conserve and do good for the life on land. The fund has received Grand Prix in SDGs division at Cannes Lions 2019, a world-known festival of advertisement creativity.
Approximately 20 percent of the ads we see include the use of animals as a model or in some other ways. However, almost none of them get any sort of benefit from being used in ads, and about 90 percent of these animals are endangered species or on their way there. So, this foundation came up with an idea to help preserve these animals' lives and habitats to thrive, to support wildlife conservation.
That is The Lion's Share.
Since its launch in 2018, The Lion's Share calls for companies that use animals in their ads to donate 0.5% of their media expense to UNDP to be used to protect the animals.

Supporting Animal Welfare

  • Almost 9 out of every 10 animals used in ads are endangered species or almost equivalently treated.
    Almost 9 out of every 10 animals used in ads are endangered species or almost equivalently treated.
    This campaign received the Sustainable Development Goals Lions Grand Prix award at 2019 Cannes Lions, an international festival of creativity.
    Organisations like the WildArk.Org, Humane Society International have been supported by this fund and many worldwide companies like the Economist and GUCCI have joined to support this fund.

    What about Japan?
    While companies in Japan have not yet seemed to join this project, companies like Lotte have been partnering with the Australian Koala Foundation to help save Koalas in Australia. Other organisations like the Doubutsu Kikin, have been working on help animal welfare in Japan. However, compared to some other countries, it seems like there needs to be more action carried out to raise awareness on this topic.

    Want to know more about The Lion's Share?
    Check out their official website for any details here.

    The Lion's Share 
    Major partners MARS, UNDP, FINCH, Nielson, BBDO
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