To Make a Deal With The Devil Will Cost You Your Life, But a Deal with a Company Requires...

Kansai Culture Black companies 2020.03.09
Unfortunately, there are still companies that make you overwork in Japan. A bar in Kyoto had its own thoughts about it and made a comment on its blackboard.

Let's admit it.

There are companies in Japan called black companies【ブラック企業:ぶらっくきぎょう】, those companies which make you work over hours and don't pay you the adequate salary to match the time and effort you have devoted.
There's a movie about them and even unofficial annual nominations made.
We even have hashtags (#ブラック企業)for them.

Recently a bar in Kyoto wrote a short comment about these companies on their blackboard and has created a little buzz trend on twitter.
Image from Twitter by @wb_opus_1
With the words
written on the blackboard in the image.

In exchange for your soul, demons will do you diabolic favour,
meanwhile, some companies do nothing for you no matter you sacrifice your life, 
isn't that worse than a devil.

with a comment saying,
(As some say, humans are scarier than ghosts.)

Some retweeted to this saying; 
- but you do receive salary from black companies as well.
You just shouldn't really convert it into hourly rates.
- At least the devil won't state lies on their contracts or break their promises about them...
- Exactly!

Do you know anyone who works for a black company?
What are your thoughts...?
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