Two New Food Programs Lawson Has Announced to Support Children in Japan

Nationwide Culture Lawson 2020.03.10
Lawson, a Japanese convenience store chain had announced two new programs to support children who have been affected by the recent school closures. These include discounted prices for Lawson's cafe lattes and free riceballs to be delivered to facilities that offer after school programs.

・Hot milk and cafe latte available at a discounted price

  • (Sourced from Lawson Official Site)
    (Sourced from Lawson Official Site)
    Lawson is offering discounts on their Hot Milk and Cafe Latte available at their Machicafe brand since the 9th of March till the 20th of March, 2020. The program was introduced to support any children who are lacking the chance to have milk during school closures that are currently ongoing.
    Their latte is now available for 120 yen with their 30 yen discount and hot milk is now available for 65 yen, which is half of its original price.


・Free rice balls delivery to preschools and nurseries.

  • (Sourced from Lawson Official Website)
    (Sourced from Lawson Official Website)
    Lawson also had announced that they will deliver free rice balls to facilities offering after school programs. The announcement was first made on the 3rd of March and received more inquiries than expected, now they are planning to ship ten times the amount of what they had first planned. The delivery will be made in three separate batches starting from today, the 10th of March, then the 17th of March and the 24th of March. They are expecting to be shipping over three hundred thousand rice balls throughout the period.

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