Sony's New PS5 Controller - The Latest Tech from Japan

Nationwide Culture Technology 2020.04.09
The PlayStation 5 is on its way, and Sony just released a first look at the brand new controller design for the next generation of gaming.

The New PlayStation 5 Controller

Japanese tech giant Sony released new information out of New York this Tuesday concerning its latest bit of gaming gear - the all-new PS5 controller. Not only is the controller a new, sleek design, but it's packed with new features that are sure to spark the interest of game developers.
In fact, Sony said that they'd already begun sending out sample controllers to game developers of all kinds, so they could get a head-start on brainstorming ways to use the new controller.

Between the immersive 3D audio, and haptic feedback that makes for improved tactile rumbling and shaking sensations, the new DualSense wireless controller is clearly a new level of technology, designed to bring players right into the environment of their favorite games. Plus, they even come equipped with mics, so players can enjoy multiplayer even when there's no headset around.
All this along with new features that connect directly with social media - the world of gaming is hurtling along at a breakneck pace, and it should be interesting to see what developers do with this brand new tool.

Sources: CNN, WBRZ
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