Japan COVID-19 News on Twitter - Where to Find Info in English

Nationwide Culture Covid-19 2020.04.13
There's lots of coronavirus news on the internet right now - so where should we be checking on Twitter for the latest on the situation in Japan?
English-Language Japanese News
The first place to check for news on Twitter might be the handful of publications that focus on English-language Japanese news year-round, since they're poised to share the latest information fast.

The Japan Times

The biggest English-language newspaper in Japan, and the oldest, the Japan Times is a reliable source for important news.

NHK World News

NHK, the Japanese national broadcasting service, publishes English-language information through their World News section. That means that this Twitter publishes important news from all over the world, making it necessary to scroll through recent tweets to find Japan-specific information. Since it's a national Japanese service, though, they're unlikely to miss any important domestic news.

Japan Today News

Japan Today began publication far more recently than the other two resources we've mentioned, starting as a Tokyo-based online newspaper in the year 2000. The Japan Today twitter tweets a surprising amount of international news, but its simple text-based tweets of major news have their own appeal.
English-Speaking Embassies in Japan
For specifics on the ongoing relationships between Japan and other parts of the world, plus important safety tips and relevant news, give the Twitter feeds of Tokyo's embassies a look.

The United States Embassy in Tokyo

The US embassy makes many of its tweets in both English and Japanese - especially the ones sharing general safety advice.

The Australian Embassy in Tokyo

The Australian embassy frequently tweets messages from the Australian ambassador to Japan, along with useful news updates.

The UK Embassy in Tokyo

The UK embassy posts frequent updates, mostly in English, and is quick to answer the questions most concerning UK citizens in Japan.

Stay Safe!

While serious questions about the coronavirus situation are best answered by in-depth news sources, or directed towards embassies and other officials, the Japankuru team is here to help. Drop us a question on our new Q&A page, or on the Japankuru twitter, instagram, and facebook, and we'll do our best to direct you towards the latest, most helpful information!
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