Final Fantasy 7, Animal Crossing, and Minecraft + The Lockdown Gamers of Japan

Nationwide Culture Video games 2020.04.10
What's a gamer to do during Japan's COVID-19 outbreak? Stay home, practice social distancing, and play games - that's what!
With seven of Japan's prefectures in lockdown, the number of people staying home and looking for something to do has increased. Just look at the Japanese Abe mask memes to come out of the coronavirus situation! Of course, gamers know exactly what to do with all that free time...

Exploring the New Remake of FF7 (Final Fantasy 7 / ファイナルファンタジー7)

This remake of a classic Japanese videogame has had nostalgic gamers waiting with bated breath all over the world, and Japan is certainly included. Now that it has finally arrived, gamers around Japan are using their extra free time to get deep into the game's recreation of a storyline that was initially just a portion of the original FF7 plot. In what has essentially been a matter of hours since its release, not only has Youtube Japan seen a host of new review videos, but dozens of Japanese gamers have released full playthroughs of the new game. Thanks to the gorgeous redesigned graphics portraying the urban environment of Midgar, these 10+ hour playthrough videos might be just the thing to keep you company as you do your own thing and stay home.

Making New Fun out of Animal Crossing (どうぶつの森)

When the new Animal Crossing game (Animal Crossing: New Horizons) hit the shelves in late March this year, it was clear from the start that the game would be a big hit in Japan. The push to have people to stay home, which began right around the game's release, certainly didn't hurt. As a game that encourages players to make their own fun, with excellent online multiplayer capabilities, the timing was perfect: Animal Crossing has become a stress-free way for people to maintain social distancing, and hang out with friends at the same time. Youtube gamers have been uploading silly Animal Crossing activities undertaken with large groups of friends every day, including this excellent game of tag.

Getting Even Deeper into Minecraft (マインクラフト)

The world's deep adoration for sandbox game Minecraft may never die. Which is probably why this 7.5 hour livestream is currently the #1 trending gaming video on Youtube Japan. Wild. While there are, of course, people who play Minecraft for hours and hours even on a normal (non-lockdown) day, and people who watch livestreams of those players, we can only imagine that the current situation has given everyone just a little extra free time with which to indulge. The name of the current most popular gaming video on Youtube (マインクラフト完全初見実況~番外編~ダイヤ100個集めるまで辞めない男) translates partially to "the man who won't give up until he collects 100 diamonds," so if that sounds good to you, please enjoy. ↑

So, what have you been playing?

Have you been playing a few too many video games this spring, while staying home? Found any new gems in the Japanese gaming world? Let us know on the Japankuru twitter, instagram, and facebook!
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