Staying Home, But Traveling in Our Hearts... With Some Unique Cooking

Nationwide Culture Stayhome 2020.04.26
Japan is in lockdown, but some of us still dream of travel. Which means recreating the travel experience while we quarantine!
The COVID-19 outbreak continues, Japan's state of emergency is expanding from just seven prefectures to the whole country, and the citizens of Japan are settling in for the long haul.

But not everybody in Japan can slip into the stay home lifestyle so easily. Frequent travelers, stuck at home for weeks or months now and longing to explore somewhere new, have been taking to the internet to discuss all the trips they want to embark on as soon as it's safe to travel again.
  • One of the many Japanese Twitter users to participate in the discussions is Jinbei (@okadnaspotting), who posted this tweet about how he's surviving social distancing. Pictured is a tablet showing the view out of an airplane window, next to what looks shockingly like a real in-flight meal. "I tried to bring the flight experience to me," he explained. "This evening's meal is an economy class in-flight dinner on a route within Asia."
  • According to Jinbei, the main dish is a beef and pepper stir-fry with steamed vegetables and white rice, accompanied by a small side salad, some cut fruit, a dinner roll, and water (in a plastic cup of course). The tablet is displaying a photo of the window (and the view) from on an actual flight - a Japan Airlines Airbus A350, to be exact.

    But Jinbei really went all out making the experience real, including a moist towelette and a little capsule of jam for the bread. Even the dishes and the utensils are as close to the real thing as possible! You can just see the effort that went into this meal.

    It's not clear whether this really quenched Jinbei's thirst for travel, but maybe it's worth a try? The Twitter user left us with one final tip: "Economy-style in-flight meals are easier to prepare than business or first class."

    Fly safe, everybody?
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