Japan Makes Its Official COVID-19 Vaccination Information Available in 17 Languages (English Included!)

Nationwide Culture Lifeinjapan 2021.04.05
As Japan's vaccination plan progresses, more and more information is available, and now it's in English, Chinese, Thai, Korean, French, plus 11 more languages.
Good news for foreign residents in Japan! While there is still an air of mystery hanging over the particulars of Japan's vaccination plan, things seem to be moving forward since the government began vaccinations for residents over 65 on April 1st (it was not a joke!), and residents of all ages are understandably interested in how things will proceed. Luckily for the many residents who can't, or would rather not, read official health-related documents in Japanese, Japan has also translated a series of three COVID-19 vaccine-related documents into 17 different languages, for all to understand.
One of these documents is their "Notice on COVID-19 vaccination," which explains the steps residents will be going through when receiving the vaccine. Details include dates on when residents 65 and older will be vaccinated, and then residents with underlying medical conditions, plus instructions on how to find a facility providing vaccines and make a reservation. Also clearly marked is that the vaccine is "free of charge," to quickly assuage any worries.
The second document ("Instructions for COVID-19 vaccination") gives exact details on the vaccine being provided (currently the Comirnaty vaccine produced by Pfizer), from dose size (0.3 ml per dose) to the interval between doses (about 3 weeks). It also explains things like possible side effects and vaccine ingredients, clearly answering the most common questions that patients have about the vaccine itself.
Finally, the questionnaire that all patients will need to answer before receiving the vaccination is also available in all 17 languages, which will certainly be a major help for any residents who don't feel confident answering medical questions in Japanese.

All three documents, in all 17 languages, are available here on the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare website, so give them a look if you're a resident of Japan getting ready to receive your COVID-19 vaccine!
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