Free Gift For Foreign Visitors Only!! A Chance to Win a Gudetama Deco Latte Pack!!

Tokyo Culture 2016.08.26
Period: 1 Aug to 31 Oct 2016

Chance to win a free Gudetama Deco Latte By Visiting Japankuru Concierge Desk in Asakusa!!

Need to buy something interesting and cute for your friends and family? We have a good idea for you which is even FREE!!!

How about become a professional barista and make your own latte art coffee for your friends? All you need to have is the TakaraTomy Deco Latte Pack!

✰Chance to win a free Gudetama Deco Latte

For Visitors Only

Period: 1 Aug to 31 Oct 2016

Hours: 10:00 - 19:00 (Tue to Sat)

Location: 2-5-5 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Come to Japankuru Concierge Desk, take a picture, then post it on any SNS and tag #Japankuru and #DecoLatte. Then you may have a chance to win the Gudetama Deco Latte Pack (10 pieces, 500 yen) for FREE!

JAPANKURU Concierge Desk (JCD)

JAPANKURU is made up of words JAPAN & KURU (来る). KURU means to come in Japanese. 
So JAPANKURU means to come to Japan!

On April 16, 2016, JAPANKURU CONCIERGE DESK was opened in Asakusa in Tokyo! If you need any information about your trip and stay in Japan, please feel free to come to JCD and talk to our friendly staff!

JAPANKURU Concierge Desk
Address: 2-5-5 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Hours: 10:00 - 19:00 (Tue to Sat)

We have staffs speaking multi-languages there everyday providing information and suggesting travel idea of Asakusa and Tokyo, as well as Japan!

What is Deco Latte?

You should have seen the Latte Art before, but have you ever thought about making one yourself? Just prepare a hot coffee or milk, then you can can make your own latte art easily too! With the Deco Latte kit which comes in with many characters like Relax Bear, Snoopy, and Gudetama etc, you can become a barista too!

Deco Latte Instructions
Step 1 - Prepare a cup of hot coffee, milk or cocoa
Step 2 - Pick the design that you like
Step 3 - Hold the Deco Latte sheet and peel it off from the seal
Step 4 - Place the Deco Latte sheet on top of the hot drink
You are DONE! How easy is that!!

Shops that you can get Deco Latte Pack

If you want to get more Deco Latte for your friends and family, you can just walk across to Don Quijote and you can find other types of this amazing latte art kit there! For the Gudetama design kit, there are 3 different kinds in total. For A and B sets, each set comes with 5 pieces of Deco Latte sheet (300 yen + tax), and for C set, this set comes with 10 pieces of Deco Latte sheet (500 yen + tax).

01. Asakusa Don Quijote

02. Ueno Yamashiroya
Homepage (Japanese):

03. Hakuhinkan Toy Park Ginza Shop

04. Harajuku KIDDY LAND


✰Chance to win a free Gudetama Deco Latte

How can you miss this special event to meet the cute and funny Gudetama and get a free pack of Deco Latte! Please remember this event will end on 31 Oct 2016. For those who can't come to visit our JCD this time, don't worry, we will have more special events for you in the near future!

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See you there! :)
Basic Info
NameJapankuru Concierge Desk
Address2-5-5 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
StationAsakusa Station
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