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Tokyo Culture 2015.09.10
At the Photo STUDIO NANAIRO in Asakusa

Transforming into a Kimono Beauty in Asakusa♥

Today, we have came to Asakusa, one of the destinations of golden route of a travel trip!

Put on a gorgeous Kimono and wear a full make-up 

Let's enjoy a great experience being a model in a professional photo studio 

called Studio Nanairo.

Where is STUDIO Nanairo?

STUDIO Nanaio is located in the front of the Kaminarimon in the center of Asakusa.

It is in an 8-story small building.

  • 1F Reception counter
    1F Reception counter
    Let's have a look of items and accessories and try to imagine our vision look after transformation.
  • 2F Waiting Room
    2F Waiting Room
    You may decide your photo shooting plan here after talking with the advisers.
    Also, after taking photo, you can have a tea and take break here until the photo is ready!


-Kimono Style-

Nanairo Hime (七色姫): STANDARD 18,000yen / PREMIUM: 26,000yen

Nanairo Komachi (七色小町):STANDARD 16,500yen / PREMIUM 25,000yen

Nanairo Oiran (七色花魁) :STANDARD 19,000yen / PREMIUM 25,500yen

-Western Style-

Nanairo ROMANTIC:16,500yen

Nanairo KAWAII19,000yen

Nanairo QUEEN (七色王妃) :25,500yen

-MEN Photo Shooting-

Kimono Stage(19,000yen)

Kimono Normal(9,000yen)

Nanairo Samurai 七色サムライ (14,000yen)

Nanairo Haori/Hakama 七色羽織/袴(12,000yen)

Nanairo Homme (25,500yen)

  • Choosing your favorite Kimono
    Choosing your favorite Kimono
    All are beautiful and gorgeous.
    We are just getting lost in front of the mirror. lol
  • Choosing your favorite hair style
    Choosing your favorite hair style
    A perfect hair style got to be matched with the costume.
    All the accessories and supplies for photo shooting are handmade by professional makeup staffs!
  • Professional makeup
    Professional makeup
    Two makeup artists are helping at the same time!
    Let's have a big "transformation"
    A big change!
  • Ready for photo shooting!
    Ready for photo shooting!
    Cameraman keeps giving advice and guidance kindly, so that we can present the best facial expressions smoothly. ^^
  • Let's check our best shot from a numbers of thumbnail
    Let's check our best shot from a numbers of thumbnail
    If you find your favorite ones, you may also order an extra option.
    (The photo will be mailed to you later)

    [Additional Option]
    Album making (50,000yen)
    Size expansion (1,500yen)
    Calendar making (7,000yen)
    Poster making (7,000yen)
    CD-ROM Data of all photos.(12,000yen)
  • 8F Photo shooting with edited background
    8F Photo shooting with edited background
    Taking a pose in front of the green background.
    Say cheese~

"STUDIO Nanairo" in Asakusa

Open Hour: 10:00 - 19:00

(Reception is open until 17:00 every day)

Make a Reservation: 03-3843-7716

For more details:


Basic Info
NameSTUDIO Nanairo
StationAsakusa Station
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