Let's Create Some Delicious Sushi!

Tokyo Culture 2017.08.28
You like eating sushi? Want to try making your own sushi? Join us ! A Tokyo Sushi Making Tour!!!!
Finally, your chance to learn how to make real sushi
Finally, your chance to learn how to make real sushi

Sushi-making Experience

"Washoku" Japanese Cuisine has been designated by UNESCO 
on the Intangible Cultural Heritage List! 
Today people around the world are familiar with Japanese food like ramen, takoyaki, sashimi, wasabi and blah blah blah
Of course, we can't miss Sushi!!! 
Eating sushi in Japan is not special!
So why don't we try to make?? 

Let's go!

Put on a yukata! Another experience!

Not only making sushi to eat
but also to learn and experience the Japanese culture!
  • Learn from the Pros
    Learn from the Pros
    With the Tokyo Sushi Making Tour you are offered a once in a lifetime hands-on experience of making sushi. No worries, you won't be left in a room to your own devices to figure out how to put the sushi together properly by yourself. If you are in need of help, just call on Mr. Morishita, the head chef for hands-on instruction.

    Kazari-maki !!! 

    a.k.a Kazari-sushi
  • Sushi is truly ART
    Sushi is truly ART
    The amount of hard work that goes into the presentation of sushi is synonymous with Japanese culture in which the utmost effort is put forth in everything you do. These beautiful creations are just as tasty as they look. 

    Only 3000 yen including everything (ingredients, lessons, and new friends, precious moments) you can't beat that price!

Not easy to make

No worries!
But we need some help from Mr. Morishita!
  • The final verdict
    The final verdict
    Learning the steps of making sushi really pays off. Can you imagine adding this skill to your next dinner party? You'll be the toast of the town in no time, fighting the guests away with a stick!

    So how did we do? Amazing right!!? The best part of making your own sushi, is enjoying it afterwards! Let's dig in!!


An amazing journey!

Doesn't matter if you are Japanese or foreigners,
students or people work in various fields
Same space
Same pose
Our hearts are linked together!!!
Do something special and different from others during your stay in Japan!!!

Making new friends 
enjoying Japanese culture
What a cool experience!!!

※7000 yen including everything (ingredients, lessons, and new friends, precious moments)
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