Tokyo Entertainment 🎢 Winter Fun at One of Japan's Largest Theme Parks ★ TOSHIMAEN (豊島園)

Tokyo Entertainment Amusement park 2017.12.22
Amusement Park, Water Park, Ice Skating, and More!
 Japan's Beloved 100+ Year Amusement Park, Toshimaen 

We love amusement parks! So this time we went to Tokyo's very own Toshimaen, an amusement park with a history of about 100 years. Toshimaen Park is perfect for those of all ages. It has roller coasters, petting zoos, a GORGEOUS ancient merry-go-round, a coy fish fishing area, and more. Then for the winter there's a limited illumination and skating center for the winter!
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    ※Toshimaen doesn't accept people with tattoos※
    Even after you're already in the park
    and they see you have a tattoo,
    they might ask you to leave and not get a refund!


    From Shinjuku:
    20 mins taking the 
    Toei Oedo Line
    to Toshimaen Station
    *2 min walk from A2 Exit

    From Ikebukuro:
    14 mins taking the 
    Seibu Ikebukuro Line
    to Toshimaen Station
    *1 min walk from station

    From Nerima:
    2 min train ride taking 
    Seibu Yurakucho Line
    to Toshimaen Station
    *1 min walk from station

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 Toshimaen Winter Fantasia 

: Sunset to 7:30pm (until 6pm on 12/31, 1/2, and 1/3)
Tokyo during the winter gets dark pretty early. Once it does (around 4:30pm), that's when all the lights come out to play at Toshimaen! A lot of the area was pretty "American" themed, but it was still really pretty and something to enjoy!
Tochimaen Skate Rink

📅12/9/2017~2/28/2016 (closed on Jan 16th)
Adjacent from Toshimaen is an old school outdoor skating rink! We say it's old school because apparently every night they build the ice by spraying water on the rink every night. 
💴:‣Skate set (park and rink entrance with skate rental) 2100yen adults/1600 kids under 12
‣Skate rink entry: 600yen
‣Skate rental: 700yen
 110 Year Old Carousel - EL DORADO 
This merry-go-round has a history of touring all over Europe, then America before settling in Toshimaen in 1970. 
It was built by a German craftsman, still containing all of its art and beautiful attention to detail. This merry-go-round is simply beautiful!
  • Sky Train
    Sky Train
    These itty bitty trains are known as the Sky Train, and slowly runs through a forest. There's also a Miniature Train which resembles the trains that ran during America’s pioneering days. It's really cute!
  • Corkscrew
    This steel roller coaster is another popular attraction at the park. The Corkscrew has lots of twists and turns, so if you've got a strong stomach hop on in!
  • Child's Forest
    Child's Forest
    There's a super long slide that the kids loved going down on. The jungle gym is big enough for adults to play with the kids too which was a nice change of pace.
  • Toshimaen Petting Zoo
    Toshimaen Petting Zoo
    There is an area in Toshimaen where you can hang out with some cute animals! One thing to mention though is you need a ticket to enter just like other attractions in the park. The animals here are super cute and had animals we've never seen at the petting zoos in America! *The cost is 700 yen for those 3 years+

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