Get Up and Close to Ferocious Animals at Nasu Safari Park in Japan🦁

Kanto Entertainment Animal experience 2018.07.03
Less Than 2 Hours from Tokyo, Japan!

A safari experience, in Japan?!
JAPANKURU would like to introduce a really cool and fun place among Nasu's zoo series!
A place where you can ride in cool animal themed vans among animals
that is only an hour and a half from Tokyo!
Nasu Safari Park

When you come to Nasu Safari Park, you can choose between "MY CAR" (driving your own car),
"RENTAL" (renting a safari car) and the really cool "LION BUS"!
Although you can still open your windows and feed the animals
through the gaps of cars if you choose to drive,
if you take the sightseeing bus you can get up close and personal to the animals,
animals like fierce lions and tigers!
If you want to get the full excitement of being around these animals and feeding them,
we recommend choosing a sightseeing bus!

The sightseeing bus will take about 40-50 minutes to visit,
while the weekdays will start in about 30-40 minutes,
and the weekends and holidays will be 20-30 minutes.
Which means there will be a lot of people waiting to hop on.
To make things cooler, there is also a Night Safari offered!

Check out our quick video of our trip to Nasu Safari Park

🐅NASU SAFARI PARK (那須サファリパーク)
🏢Address: 3523 Takakuotsu, Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi
Google Maps
⏰Business hours: 9:00am-5:00pm (weekdays), 8:30am-5:00pm (weekends and holidays),
6:30pm-10:00pm (Night Safari, double check dates and info on the website here)
💰Admission fee: Adults 2,800yen (middle school and above), Children 1,900yen (age three to elementary school)
Night Safari: 2,400yen for adults (same as above), 1,800yen for children (same as above)
*Night Safari bus tour is free
💻Official website

🚙🐫Admission plan
*Self-driving (MY CAR): admission fee + GPS audio guide 500yen
*Renting a safari car (RENTAL): entrance fee + car rental fee starting from 2,000yen (2,000yen for small cars, 3,000yen for large cars)
*Sightseeing bus (LION BUS): entrance fee + adult 1,100yen/child 600yen

* By train + bus: Get off at JR Kuroiso Station (黒磯駅)and take the Toya Bus (東野交通バス) that is headed for "Nasu Ropeway・Nasu Yumoto" (那須ロープウェイ・那須湯本).
After about 17mins get off at "Nasu Safari Park Entrance" (那須サファリパーク入口) and walk roughly 5mins.
* By Nasu Sightseeing Shuttle Bus "Kyubi" (キュービー号):
Running time: 9:00am-5:23pm
One-day ticket: Adults 1,000yen, children 500yen
One-way ticket: 500yen (adult and children same price)
For bus related information, please click here (JPN with Nasu related English PDFs)
Did you see any animals you'd like to feed?
We wanna hear about it in the comment box below!
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