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A lot of the time when people come to Japan, Tokyo is their main point of interest. I mean, and why not? The crowded trains, tall buildings with neon lights everywhere, lots of "only in Japan" places to go to, the excitement of NEVER knowing what you'll see...the list goes on!! However, more and more are the outskirts of Tokyo, particularly Japan's nature spots, becoming a "must-go" when traveling to Japan.

JAPANKURU recently went around Ibaraki prefecture on a day trip and found such lovely spots! Like mentioned above, Ibaraki prefecture is often forgotten, even by Japanese people, as a place to go and explore. There isn't much information on "places to go in Ibaraki", let alone info in English. Thus we wanted to make an article giving people an idea of possible places to visit.
How to Get to Ibaraki from Tokyo


Ibaraki Access 
Option 1
 Renting a Car from Nissan Rent-a-Car 

  •  If you're traveling to Ibaraki, 
    the easiest way to do it is by renting a car from Tokyo.

    Advantages of renting a car in Japan:
    1. No need to worry about strict timetables, 
    confusing stations, or changing trains
    2. No restrictions, i.e. 
    you can go places that public transportation can't
    3. No need to lug around a bunch of luggage

  •  We went by car so the starting point of this trip
    to Ibaraki was at Nissan Rent-a-Car in Ueno.
    It's about a minute walk from Yamashita Exit
    at JR Ueno Station.
    It's right across the street from Ichiran Ramen
    and you'll see a blue parking lot signboard.
    Just go in there and the rental store
    is on the fifth floor.
    The easiest way of remembering is
    "a blue parking lot opposite Ichiran ramen".

  • 🚙Nissan Rent-a-Car Ueno 

    1-50 Uenokoen, Taito-ku, Tokyo 
    Google Maps
    ⏰Business hours: 8:00 to 10:00pm
    Nissan Rent-a-Car Ueno Ekimae (English)
    ※When using a rental car, an international license is required

Ibaraki Access 
Option 2
 Limited Express Train JR Hitachi 


Another way to head to Ibaraki from Tokyo is via railway.
It takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes to reach the capital of Ibaraki, Mito, 
by JR express trains (Hitachi and Tokiwa) from Tokyo Station.

There really isn't much of a time difference compared to driving,
 but since the one-way fare is 3,890 yen,
driving would be more economical if you have an international driver's license.

More info about Hitachi and Tokiwa here!

Ibaraki Access
Option 3
 Tsukuba Express 

The Tsukuba Express is one of Tokyo's private railways.
Asakusa and Akihabara are only 8 minutes away,
and it's a good railway for locals and tourists alike.
If you plan on taking the Tsukuba Express,
you can ride the train to Tsukuba Station (the last stop). 
Around Tsukuba are lots of nature spots to explore.
JAPANKURU went a few years ago, so if you would like an idea of what the area is like,
check out the link below⇩

A trip to Mount Tsukuba in Ibaraki

Scenic Spots: Hitachi Seaside Park

Ibaraki Nature Travel Spots

Hitachi Seaside Park

  • It really is no exaggeration to say that the Hitachi Seaside Park is the most famous among Ibaraki sightseeing spots. Originally it was an airfield that reopened in 1991 as a park, so its wide open space with no buildings in the vicinity is something special to other parks.
  • Hitachi Seaside Park has a series of flowers for you to see depending on the season. Among all of the flowers you can see there, one of the biggest attractions is the blue nemophila that bloom for about a month from the end of April every year. Hills that are blue like the sea are also a regular representing image of Ibaraki.
  • 国Hitachi Seaside Park
    🏢605-4 Onuma-aza, Mawatari, Hitachinaka, Ibaraki 312-0012
    Google Maps
    ⏰9:30am~5pm (It depends on the season)
    Closed: Closed on Tuesday if Monday is a National holiday.
    💴Adults (high school studens↑): 450yen, junior high school students & under: free
    💻Hitachi Seaside official website
Scenic Spots: Oarai Isosaki Shrine 

Ibaraki Nature Travel Spots

Oarai Isosaki Shrine 

Scenic Spots: Tsukimachi Waterfall 

Ibaraki Nature Travel Spots
Tsukimachi Waterfall 

Tsukimachi Waterfall (月待の滝) is a waterfall of a valley derived from the Kuji River (久慈川).
It is a stunning spot in Ibaraki
that is surrounded by lush greenery. 
You can either look at the beautiful nature from close by, 
or go behind the waterfall for a closer look!
It was some of our first time going behind a waterfall and
we were so surprised at how refreshing it was
with the cool temperature and sound of the waterfall.

🌲Tsukimachi Waterfall
🏢 Oazakawayama, Daikomachi, Kuji-gun, Ibaraki Prefecture
Google Maps

If you go to Tsukimachi Waterfall, don't leave with on an empty stomach. Instead, try one of Japan's fun dishes! We're talking about nagashi somen, serving somen noodles flowing down bamboo and trying to catch it! At the restaurant that is directly next to Tsukimachi Waterfall, "Momijien" (もみじ苑), you can enjoy Japan's fun way of eating noodles while overlooking the waterfall!

★Momijien (もみじ苑)
🏢Right next to Tsukimachi Waterfall  Google Maps
⏰10:30am~7pm   !!Closed every Wednesday

Ibaraki Activities

Things to Do: Ryujin-kyo

Things to Do in Ibaraki 
Canyon Ryujin Kyo Rafting 

Ibaraki's beautiful nature is not just something to gaze at, you can also get involved and become a part of it! The upper stream of the "Ryujin Dam" (竜神峡) in the canyon called Ryujin-kyo is surrounded by mountains and makes you forget you're in Japan.

Here you can tour the canyon by canoe, SUP (stand up paddle surfing), and river rafting on boat tubes. It's a really relaxing and fun way to get involved with Japanese nature. This sort of activity you definitely won't find in Tokyo!

🌉Canon Ryujin Kyo Rafting
🏢2153-39 Shimakura-cho, Shimoda-city, Ibaraki
Google Maps
💻Links to related pages
※Open from April 27 to August 31 only.
※Since you might get wet, a change of clothes, towels, and shoes are available

Things to Do in Ibaraki Ryujin
Ryujin Bungee Jumping​

  •  This bridge across the canyon is called "Ryujin Otsuribashi" (竜神大吊橋). With the bridge having a length of 375 meters and a height of 100 meters over Ryujin Gorge, this is the highest bungee jump spot in Japan. 

    Japan's Longest Suspension Bridge
    Ryujin Bungee Jumping!

    Are you up to the challenge?!

    🌉Ryujin Bungee
    🏢2133-6 Kenganocho, Hitachiota-shi, Ibaraki
    Google Maps
    ☎Contact Phone: 0278-72-8133
    - Car rental map Code: 379 341 490 * 24
    ⏰9am〜5pm (accepted until 4:30pm)
    💴16,000 yen
    - 50% when canceling the previous day, 100% when canceled on the day
    - Availability:
    Age between 15 and over / weight between 40 and 105kg
    - Reservation page (English)
    💻Official website link

Things to Do: Nakaminato Fish Market

Things to Do in Ibaraki ​
Nakaminato Fish Market

Ferry Sunflower from Ibaraki to Hokkaido!

More and more passengers want to go sightseeing in Hokkaido. If you have enough time, you can choose a more economical and affordable method, the Shosen Mitsui Ferry Sunflower! If you come by car, you can park your car inside the boat that way you can cruise around by car once you get to Hokkaido! It's a really cool way to travel, so if your schedule isn't too tight, give it a try!

For more information about the Shosen Mitsui Ferry Sunflower, click here!

🚢Ferry Sunflower  (フェリーさんふらわあ)
Passenger Terminal: Oarai Port Ferry Terminal
🏢Chuo 2, Oaraimachi Port, Higashiibaraki-gun, Ibaraki
Google Maps
💻Official website link
From Tokyo Station to Oarai Ferry Terminal:

① From Tokyo Station's JR Bus Terminal (located at Yaesu South Exit of the station), take the express bus "Mitogo" (みと号) for Mito Station (水戸駅).
It will take you to Oarai Ferry Terminal without having to change transportation!
★ Only one bus a day
⏰Departs Tokyo Station at 2:20pm → Arrives at Oarai Ferry Terminal at 4:45pm
To return to Tokyo:
⏰Oarai Ferry Terminal 3pm → Tokyo Station 6:28pm
💴2,320yen (children are 1/2 price)

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