Tokyo Winter Illumination 2018|The Most Spectacular Winter Light Up at Tokyo's Biggest Amusement Park Yomiuriland

Tokyo Entertainment Yomiuriland 2018.11.16
Yomiuriland Amusement Park is Tokyo's biggest amusement parks. It is an all-inclusive amusement park that is owned by the Tokyo baseball team, the Yomiuri Giants. Just a 20~30min train ride from Shinjuku, you can enjoy over 44 rides and attractions.
  • During the summer Yomiuriland also has a water park area in addition to the theme park. But as it gets colder, the pools are closed and Yomiuriland gets ready for their winter attractions. One of the spectacles that makes Yomiuriland so popular all over Tokyo is the scene of wonderfully lit illuminations that shine across all the park. During the holidays there are a few places you can see Tokyo's light up, but we mean it when we say NONE OF THEM even come close to Yomiuriland Amusement Park. This year Yomiuriland added even more Christmas lights, a total of 6 million lights to be exact, allowing those to not only enjoy the lights as you walk around the park but as you are riding the rides as well!

✨Yomiuriland Illumination✨

The illumination starts at 4pm and runs until the park closes at 8:30pm. You can see the light up in all eight different areas which are all close to another and have their own color theme. Walking around Yomiuriland at night is definitely beautiful, but this time we wanted to focus on some rides that you can enjoy both the excitement of being at an amusement park and the beauty of all the lights!

Yomiuriland Amusement Park
Google Maps
Keio Line: Shinjuku Station → Keio Yomiuriland Station
💰One day pass: Adults 5400yen, Middle and High School 4300, 
3yrs old to Elementary 3800yen, 65 years and older 4500
Official website (ENG) 
Jellelumination page (ENG)

 ✨Riding the Gondola✨

Once you arrive at Keio Yomiuriland Station, you take a gondola and it is the best opening view to Yomiuriland Amusement Park! The gondola costs 300yen one way, so if you come to the park before it gets dark be sure to take it on the way back to the station get a view of the whole park lit up!!

✴One-way: 300yen, Return: 500yen 
(Adult and child same price)
  • ✨The Rollercoaster, Bandit✨

    Yomiuriland's rollercoaster is the most popular attraction in the park. It runs at full speed while taking a number of turns and going up and down at a maximum of 110km/h in a forest which can feel season. Aside from the gondola, the roller coaster is another great place to enjoy the light up from great heights.
  • ✨Ferris Wheel✨

    One more thing that we recommend is riding Ferris wheels in the night. The view from the Ferris wheel is so amazing!! When you see the view from the top of the Ferris wheel, you will find see all the areas, colors, and patterns in the park all at once.

✨Grabbing a Bite✨

The illumination even goes as far as the food!
Aside from the food at the restaurant,
there are a few theme park snacks that go along with the illuminant theme!

  • Restaurant Goodday

  • Electric bulb soda

  • Light up cotton candy

✨Fountain Show and Dance✨

  • The highlight was a fountain show that runs every 15mins from 5pm to 8:30. At Aqua Jewelry Beach, the poolside is vastly covered with beautiful lights. Each show is different making it really interesting to watch and keeps so many people wanting to stay and see what was next. New fountains have been included this year enabling a more impressive performance. "Silhouette" (シルエット) at 7:45 is a dance show synchronized to the movement of lights and music.

Plus Two New Attractions and Events
Zombie Ninja House & 
Fire Throwing Star supported by KIRIN


From Saturday, November 17, 2018 to Sunday, February 17, 2019, Yomiuriland we will host a ninja attraction for the first time at their "Hyu~doro Haunted House." The Zombie Ninja House is a mission-type haunted house filled with narrative and immersive activities. You will become the main character, a ninja in the cursed ninja mansion, and must be able to solve the curse of the mansion by paying "the wish of destruction". Inside the mansion, there will be a lot of obstacles standing in your way so watch out...👻

Also, next to the Zombie Ninja Mansion is a throwing star booth that customers who purchase KIRIN Afternoon Tea can participate in.

🧟Zombie Ninja House

⏰Depends on Yomiuriland's business hours
*Time length: 5~10mins
💴300yen/try *Various pass available

🐱‍👤Fire Throwing Star supported by KIRIN
(手裏剣FIRE supported by KIRIN)
💴KIRIN Afternoon Tea: 150yen

✨Perfect Place to go this Winter in Tokyo✨
Yomiuriland Amusement Park

At the Yomiuriland's Jewellumination, everywhere in the park is illuminated with 5,000,000 colorful light making it look like millions of jewels shining in the dark creating a breathtaking view. Jewellumination is meant to represent precious jewels and is the largest scale illumination in the Kanto region. This year Yomiuriland took things to the next level by adding new lights and themes to the park. As a westerner who feels like Tokyo is lonely during the holidays, Yomiuriland is really my escape place to fill that void. If you are in Tokyo during the winter, you MUST stop by! We promise you will never see something so extreme and beautiful that could compare.
Yomiuriland Amusement Park
Google Maps
Keio Line: Shinjuku Station → Keio Yomiuriland Station
💰One day pass: Adults 5400yen, Middle and High School 4300,
3yrs old to Elementary 3800yen, 65 years and older 4500
Official website (ENG) 
Jellelumination page (ENG)

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